Custom Enchantments On Items

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    Plugin category: Fun

    Suggested name: CustomItems

    What I want: I would like a plugin that gives custom enchantments on weapons and armour. I would like it to be compatible with the /give command and maybe even Essentials kits. If you can only do it one way, any way is fine.


    Vampirism I, II, III - Bleeding Effect (The higher the level, the longer you bleed) (I = 10 seconds, II = 30 seconds, III = 60 seconds)
    Paralyze I, II, III - Daze Effect (The higher the level, the longer you are paralyzed for) (I = 3 seconds, II = 5 seconds, III = 15 seconds)
    Multishot I, II - Shoot More Than One Arrow At Once (The higher the level, the more arrows are shot) (I = 2 arrows, II = 3 arrows)
    Wither I, II - Darkened Hearts (The higher the level, the longer the hearts stay there)
    HeartGrabber I, II, III, IV - Steal Hearts From Opponent (The higher the level, the more hearts are taken) (I = 1 heart every 2 hearts taken, II = 2 hearts every 3 hearts taken, III = 3 hearts every 4 hearts taken, IV = 4 hearts every 5 hearts taken)
    AutoSmelt I - Automatically Smelt Ores, Cobblestone & Netherrack
    Cook I, II, III - Automatically Cook Food When You Catch A Fish Or Kill An Animal (I = 10% chance, II = 25% chance, III = 50% chance)
    Foodmite I, II, III - Food Bar Goes Up Every Specific Amount Of Seconds (I = 1 bar every 30 seconds, II = 2 bars every 30 seconds, III = 3 bars every 30 seconds)
    Explosion I, II - Explode An Area Around You (I = 1x1 explosion, II = 2x2 explosion)
    Poison I, II, III - Poison The Opponent (I = Poison I for 5 seconds, II = Poison II for 10 seconds, III = Poison III for 15 seconds)
    Blinding I, II, III - Blind The Opponent (I = Blindness for 3 seconds, II = Blindness for 10 seconds, III = Blindness for 20 seconds)

    Ideas for commands: /customitems give {name} diamondsword 1 Vampirism:1
    /customitems enchant Vampirism 1

    Ideas for permissions: customitems.enchant

    When I'd like it by: A.S.A.P
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    It's been 3 days and I need this plugin really soon!
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