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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by 10Cps_, Dec 2, 2016.

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  1. Plugin category: PvP

    Minecraft version: 1.7.10/1.8 Comp

    Suggested name: ValPvP

    What I want: I really need this plugin, so people can duel with custom stuff, etc. I really need that inventory thingy to choose either unranked or ranked queues, and I need ranked to be with ELO.

    Just add 1vs1. I do not need 2vs2, etc...

    Is anybody willing to try and make this?

    Ideas for commands:
    /valpvp arena help - Shows Arena STAFF COMMANDS.
    /valpvp arena create - Creates an Arena
    /valpvp arena delete - Deletes An Arena
    /valpvp arena setspawn1 - Sets the spawn of the first person
    /valpvp arena setspawn2 - Sets the spawn of the second person
    /valpvp duelkit help - Shows DuelKit STAFF COMMANDS.
    /valpvp duelkit create - Creates a Duel Kit
    /valpvp duelkit editkit - Edits a Duel Kit
    /valpvp duelkit delete - Deletes a Duel Kit
    /valpvp duelkit ranked - Adds Duel Kit to RANKED
    /valpvp duelkit unranked - Adds Duel Kit to UNRANKED (I prefer if thats by default)
    /spectate %player% - Spectates a player match
    /elo %player% - Shows the ELO of the player
    /valpvp getitems - Gets the items (Ranked Sword, Unranked Sword, Leave waiting queue)
    Ideas for permissions:
    Member commands (To use the items) - valpvp.use
    Donator commands (To use elo and spectate) - valpvp.donor.use
    Staff commands (Create arena, kits, etc) - valpvp.staff.use

    When I'd like it by: Would be amazing if could be possible till the 30th December
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    I can do this. Just one question, though - your request lists a permission that'll let donators "use Elo". Does this mean that nondonors won't get a ranking?
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  3. @htmlman1 Yes they would, but ELO means that they do /ELO and see their ELO in chat on every Kit.
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    Quick status update to let you know that I haven't abandoned this project. Almost done, just need to finish up some aspects of kits and respawn handling.
  5. @htmlman1 Great to hear back from you. Are you willing to do this for free as I don't buy online stuff? :/
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    I wasn't planning on asking payment for this particular project, so you've got nothing to worry about ;)
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    Okay, I've finished the first build of the plugin. Here's the download link:

    All commands can be listed by typing /valpvp. I've implemented the permissions you asked for, and I've added a GUI system, both for kit editing and arena selection. To install the plugin, just drop it in your plugins/ folder and reload your server.

    Hope this works for you! Contact me ASAP if there are any issues, questions, or additions that you'd like addressed.
  8. Could you change the name of it please, as I do not want it as "ValPvP" as we changed the name of the server. Please change the commands to to "MultiPvP" so you'll just do /multipvp instead of /valpvp and the prefix should be set to "MultiMC"
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    Hey can you change that to GalaxyPvP for me to download :p you dont have to if its a waste of time ;p
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