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    Im looking for a broadcast plugin(NOT Auto-Broadcast) where the player uses the command /bc to broadcast a message to the whole server, but after the message it has the signature of the player.

    Example: If i type "/bc Hello!" All online players see:
    [CustomPrefix]: Hello! - <Playername>

    I want the plugin to be fully customizable so i can edit the prefix & basically the whole message.
    If you know of a plugin that does this, or can make one for me, that would be awesome. Thanks <3
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    I will be able to do this.. Its really simple. Also, please put the name of the plugin in

    - /bc - Broadcasts Perm: broadcast.broadcast
    - /bcreload - Reload broadcast config Perm: broadcast.reload

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    Thanks so much for making that plugin but it doesn't work properly. It has the 1 feature i'm really looking for, but all of the other features i want are not there. Such as color coded broadcast messages, fully customizable message, and when i reload the plugin, the prefix doesn't change, just reverts back to normal.
  4. i can make this at friday .
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