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    Firstly, if something like this exists already, I'd appreciate it greatly if a link could be provided!

    Suggested name: CustomCraftingGUI (or something more creative)

    What I want: I wish to have a plugin that provides easier ways to create custom craft recipes. When an OP (or anyone with permission) executes the command /ccgui a GUI will pop up. It will provide space for a custom 3x3 recipe and a spot to place the desired outcome.

    Ideas for commands:
    /ccgui <create/delete> <name>

    Ideas for permissions:
    OPs can execute these commands by default

    When I'd like it by: Whenever you have the time
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    Working on this right now.
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    Just so everyone understands, you can't create custom GUI's using bukkit, you can however open an existing GUI such as a crafting table, chest, furnace, etc. With chests you can create a certain amount of slots, but that's about it. And for this plugin you would just use the crafting table GUI. Just a heads up for anyone else requesting a custom GUI.
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    There's a plugin called CraftBook. It allows you to make custom recipes in: Crafting tables, furnaces and brewing stands. It makes chairs,elevators,advanced-ladders etc...
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    Ah, yeah I knew that's how it worked, I wasn't really specific. I just left it as GUI so whoever decides to make this can use whichever one they wish, but the crafting table GUI sounds like the best idea.
    If you pop up that GUI, would you still be able to place the desired outcome into the product slot?

    The problem with that plugin is it appears the custom crafting recipes are all made in the config, which can get really tedious in my opinion. My idea for a GUI would make custom recipes easier to create

    Awesome! I didn't expect someone to respond that quick!

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    If you opened a crafting table GUI, it would work the same way that a normal crafting table would, and if you leave items in the slots of the "table" and you press escape the items will just fall on the ground like they normally would.
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    You don't need the config file. You can create recipes in your inventory. Look for a tutorial. its really lightweight. It looks big. but its REALLY lightweight.
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    From the CraftBook Wiki
    I read the entire section on Custom Crafting, and nowhere does it say you can make them in your inventory. The wiki does however say that all this information is from 2010, so it is outdated. But regardless, the CraftBook plugin is a plugin that adds a bunch of features that, though neat, are useless to my server. All I need is a custom crafting plugin.
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    timtower Moderator Moderator

    Me4502, update on the wiki? :p
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    The video on that page demonstrates how to create them.

    The plugin works in a way that only what you enable is activated, so you can only have custom crafting enabled.
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    I will be working on this on the weekend however I am busy with school right now.
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    Understandable, however it's always cool to have a plugin solely dedicated to something instead of having to disable a bunch of things.

    That's fine! To be completely honest I can't do much work on my server until 1.8 comes out, so you got a ton of time

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    TRaiOdYo everything is disabled by default... you have to enable what you want
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    Everything's disabled by default, you have to enable what you want to do, it acts like a dedicated plugin.

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