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    Plugin category: Mini Games

    Suggested name: Creative Wars

    What I want: A game mode where people jump on something like a pressure plate, have an allotted time in creative mode on pre made maps to spawn in a base, items, and anything else they need to after the time is up to have an all out war. Also staff needs to be able to drop in at any point to monitor the game.

    Ideas for commands: /creative wars (alias is /cw) as main command

    Ideas for permissions: creativewars.join, creativewars.op, creativewars.(essentials command)

    When I'd like it by: I would like it as soon as you can develop this :)
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    I could do this but I need more information, would you rather have a /join command? Do you want maps in configs? I need more DETAILED information then I can make this, I've already made something sort of like this before!
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    This sounds super easy by the description you gave. I can send you one right now but I'm not sure if It's what you had in mind. Like what dturner699 said...MOAR DETAILZZZZZ :p
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    I would prefer if you contacted me on skype to discuss extreme detail, i have it all organized and explained in a text file, and it would be easier to send it to you. My skype is xxdanthegoodmanxx
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    You could upload the file to pastebin and then post the link here
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    ill just copy it when i'm done, it will be done soon, please everyone watch the thread
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    alright i'm about done with the beta build ill make it another post, its going to be huge

    basically this is it in full detail... Ready?

    Commands: (everything starts with /cw just as a heads up)
    - /cw help (lists all commands, duh...)
    - /cw join singles (joins a random singles game) (free for all)
    - /cw party ; /cw party create ; /cw party join (name) ; /cw party leave ; /cw party disband (party leader only) (this is made so players are guaranteed to play with each other, party size 8 max) ("cannot do that" message is important)
    - /cw join doubles (joins a random doubles game) (teams of 2)
    - /cw join quads (hope you can guess what this is based on ^^)
    - /cw join teams (for a team of any size)
    - /cw shop (in-game shop, like sky wars)
    - /cw stats (shows stats like mcmmo, but shows wins, losses, kills, and deaths)
    - /cw points (shows in chat how many points the player has for the shop)
    - /cw fly (for high level donators) (toggles fly mode) (only for use in the universe game mode
    - /cw end (for staff)
    - /cw universe start
    - /cw tempban [time] (for staff) (bans a player from playing creative wars for a certain amount of time, max is 10d (days) (also kicks player from any creative wars game they are in)
    - /cw join universe (this is another level of detail that will talk about later in game mode descriptions)
    - /cw sethome [home name] (for universe game type only) (donators get more homes as they go up in ranks)
    - /cw delhome [home name]
    - /cw tpa [player name] (descriptive, and yes i specifically don’t want to use essentials for this stuff since it is a mini game)
    - /cw tpa yes/accept
    - /cw tpa no/deny
    - /cw leave (leaves current game)
    - /cw warp [warp name] (for universe game mode)
    - /cw staff help [message] (players can ask staff for help)
    - /cw kick [playername] (kicks player from a game)
    (anything else important that i am missing feel free to add, and OPs have all staff commands a usual)
    Permissions: (everything starts with creativewars.)
    - creativewars.player (gives game joining, team making and staff help requests for player including basic commands like help, leave and others)
    - (allows for the /cw fly) (only for use in universe game mode)
    - creativewars.sethome.[number] (sets the number of homes they can set, includes /cw delhome [name]
    - creativewars.staff (gives them essentials commands to be used while in creative wars games, only /tp ; /ban ; /tempban ; /mute ; /kill) (also gives the commands listed above for staff only)
    - creativewars.op (gives no command restrictions, has all staff commands)
    - creativewars.rank.[1-8] (number corresponding to their donator rank, 1 is default/non-donator, 8 is highest donator)
    - just do the rest of the commands with creativewars.[permission] that i missed to cover
    Game mode descriptions:
    Singles: (anything with a * at the end applies for all game modes except universe)
    - inventory is reset upon entry, and is resumed upon finish*
    - “lobby” is started when a new one needs to be made, and has 2 minutes until start once enough players join to play
    - starts when all 8 players join
    - when game starts up they are thrown into a inventory view of a 2x9 chest called kits, which has a item corresponding to the kit theme, very similar to sky wars if you need help with what to make it look like)
    - they have the first minute of the game to use /cw shop which where they can use points they earn or buy (will go into more detail later in the shop section)
    - have 5 minutes exactly for building only in creative, when exited creative their inventory is wiped (called building creative)*
    - there is a timer on the top of screen like edited ender dragon health with the timer for the creative mode they are in (building or spawning) , a timer running down in digital clock style, and the “health bar” of the ender dragon health goes down with the time of the current creative mode)*
    - once building creative is done, there is a 10 second transition to going into creative spawning mode*
    - in creative spawning mode, players have 2 minutes to spawn in what ever they like, but they cannot edit blocks, this is over ridden if player has OP permissions*
    - once creative spawning is up, there is no time limit to end of match, it goes until one player remains (or team) , there is a score board like sky wars, (with team modes then there are the teams listed, with the names of the players in smaller font in ( ) under the team name) , the number next to the name of player/team determines how many players are left, when it is at 0 the color turns to red for the team name or player name, name is usually yellow*
    - only staff and OP can have fly*
    - OP has all commands, including commands for use out side of creative wars*

    - anything with above singles except universe needs to have a party of 2-8, but cannot have more than required numbers for a team, ex: a team of 3 cannot play in singles or doubles, but they can play in quad or team mode*
    - starts when there are 3-5 teams of 2
    - note: make sure to remember all rules with * at end for use in this as well
    - game ends when only one team is left, the team can have any amount of players left to win*
    - players cannot hurt their own teammates*

    - starts when there are 3-5 teams of 2-4
    - note: make sure to remember all rules with * at end for use in this as well

    - starts when there are 3-5 teams of 2-8
    - note: make sure to remember all rules with * at end for use in this as well

    - ***Will be worked on later***

    Ability and Item Spawning Rules:
    ***notice*** kits for ranks will be done later
    Player has their Numbered rank in (#) before their name, staff have (Staff) before their name, and OPs have (OP) before their name. Name colors will correspond with ranks, Staff have normal red names, OPs have dark red names
    ***Creepers, Ghasts, and Wolfs are not agressive to player or team who spawned in (player who span wed has to be rank 8 and up) Say “Owner: [player name]” Above head of wolf or creeper***
    items nobody can spawn in except OP: silverfish eggs, bedrock, gold blocks, diamond blocks, emerald blocks, god apples
    Default/Level 1 players cannot spawn in or have the ability to: Creeper eggs, achieve enchantment level 30, spawn in ghast, enderman, spawn God Apples, use any kit, spawn ender pearls, spawn potions, spawn horse eggs, horse armor, or enchantment bottles, spawn lava buckets, anvils, trapped chests, pressure plates, minecart with tnt, spawn wolf eggs, spawn potions, spawn enchantment books, obsidian, invisibility potions (is not considered under potions)
    Level 2 players: Can now achieve enchantment level 30, spawn in ender pearls, spawn trapped chests
    Level 3 players: Can now spawn in potions (except invisibility potions) , enchantment bottles, horse eggs
    Level 4 players: Can spawn lava buckets, anvils, and pressure plates,
    Level 5 players: Can spawn mine cart with tnt, horse armor, enderman, spawn enchantment bottles
    Level 6 players: Can spawn Creeper eggs, obsidian
    Level 7 players: Can spawn wolf eggs, obsidian, invisibility potions
    Level 8 Players: Can spawn ghsst eggs, enchantment books

    ***Will finish Later***
    Leveled rank 1-8 (determining what ranks can use them)

    Shop: (very similar to sky wars shop)
    Items in Shop:
    - set of diamond armor enchanted to protection 4 unbreaking 3 thorns 3 ; represented by and enchanted diamond helmet ; cost 50
    - diamond sword sharp 5 fire 2 unbreaking 3 knockback 2 ; represented by enchanted diamond sword ; cost 20
    - bow power 5 punch 2 flame 1 infinity 1 and 1 arrow ; represented by enchanted bow ; cost 25
    - creeper eggs x2 ; represented by creeper egg ; cost 100
    - ender pearls x4 ; represented by an ender pearl ; cost 15
    ***Will Finish Later***

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    Sounds pretty fun ;)
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    and once we get a stable build of this working then i can put it into a server
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    bump, and waiting for someone to step up to the plate and build it!
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    This would be amazing!
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    I have made some pre-alpha builds to test the idea. The idea is really fun! I am working on it.

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