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    Okay, so I need a plugin that when a player go into my creative world, it will get their inventory,
    save it, and then clear it. They will then have a cleared inventory for creative. When they leave the creative world, it will do the same thing as before (save then clear their inventory), only this time, it will give them back their other inventory. The way I can do this is with a button, but there isn't a plugin that I know of that can do this. If there is a plugin that will allow me to hook up commands to a button, please tell me, because that's all I need. The reason I want this plugin is so that I can have a creative and a survival world, but players can't cheat by giving themselves items in creative. If anyone has a solution to my problem please respond, it would be greatly appreciated. This is the main thing preventing my server from going public. Thanks to anyone that can help!

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    multiverse invintories?
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