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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by flash1110, Oct 24, 2015.

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    Hello Bukkit Forum members,

    I am creating a bukkit development team for new, intermediate, and advanced coders. We will be coding all types of plugins: minigames, admin tools, RPG, etc.

    If you are interested just respond back and we can get to talking..

    ~ flash1110
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    @flash1110 Code sharing method?
    Where do the ideas come from?
    What would be the advantage of working in this team?
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    GitHub for most of it, as well as Saros for short team projects.
    The ideas will be coming from either plugin requests, or for my network.
    The advantage is gaining experience, as well as payment in the future. That is, once we start gaining a constant stream.
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    I'm very interested in this.
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    @MarinD99 How experienced are you as a bukkit developer?
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    On a scale of one to ten, I'd consider myself a seven, due to my fairly weak knowledge of MySQL. As for the Bukkit API itself, I'd say bout 9/10.
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    @MarinD99 Awesome, I will contact you shortly.
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    I wouldn't mind being involved.
    But do note I am a BIG beginner so it may take me a while :p
    I wont feel sad if you turn me down
    Player p = Binner_Done
    if(p.getsTurnedDown) {
    I don't have the time to be in this team
    Sorry :p
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  9. @Binner_Done That would only work if it was coded badly :p They should be methods not variables
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