Creating All Plugins $5 per plugin (Server Only)

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    Hello people,

    As a retired veteran server owner, I know how annoying it is to get an idea for your server, and frantically search for it on the plugin list, only to have everything crash around your ears when you realize that that plugin has not been created yet. Being a programmer with a knowledge of the Bukkit API, I would usually write those plugins myself, but most server owners (as far as I know) do not know how to program Java, much less the server API.

    So, I'm offering my plugin development services to anyone for just $5 per plugin (if it's a huge plugin, I may charge extra). If you need a plugin, PM me, and I'll make it for you. To avoid confusion, (hopefully) this is a rough estimate of how things should work out. I've tried to be as fair as possible.

    Owner PM's me with a request
    I make the plugin
    I tell the owner to join my dev server to try out the plugin.
    Server owner pays
    I give the server owner the plugin.

    This way, you can be sure that the plugin is to your liking before you make any payment. And not to worry, all paid plugins will be made closed source - I won't release it to the community, so that your money does not go to waste.

    (If you don't want to PM me, you can email me at [email protected])
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    I have an idea for a plugin that would be awesome (in my opinion), but I'm 15 years old and can't just pay a random guy on the internet who made a plugin for me :/
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    what do u need done? i could make your plugin for free!
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    Sorry to just roughly send you a link, but in this thread I explain what I want as clear as possible.
    Another guy just offered to help me, perhaps you can team up with him and become famous for your plugin and become friends for the rest of your life! :p
  5. @dreadiscool: You know that this is not the normal way and unfair to other devs? The normal way is a user who need a plugin requests it here and if he like to he say "will pay X for it". Then devs who are willing to help (or need the money by a payed one) can reply...
    If you just want money search a thread where somebody search a dev which will develop exclusively for one server...
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    its ok, just undercut him by making a free version
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    Hi there, i have a plugin that i'd like made, however i think that it may be alitle complex, however this is 100% original and could be a big hit. ill PM you with more info so people won't steal my idea. but essentially its a VIOP server for bukkit (IE a vent server that runs as a bukkit plugin) just send me an email ([email protected]) and ill give you more info to give me a quote on how much it will be.
  8. @mindless728: There are really people out there who use such request because they think somebody would "steal their idea"... LOL... :D
    @jwnordquist: What do you mean with stealing your idea? Tell me exactly what you want, I'll do it for free, release it to the public and give you credit for the idea... If you want to have it exclusively developed for your server I think you would have to pay to every dev, but maybe less than to him, because I think this will fall under his "huge plugin" categorie... :p
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    Is demanding money even legal? I thought Mojang forbids making money with their code. (Bukkit is based on the server code of minecraft, thus we use that code, right?)
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    no we use the API provided by bukkit even plug ins that do screwy with NMS and/or reflection is still our code that we made and that mojang did not write
  11. Yes.
    No, It's a wrapper around the MC server (correct me if I'm wrong)
    No, we just use bukkit API calls. If you write an application which is running under MS Windows, do you make money with windows codes? Because that's forbidden, too... ;)
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    ;) .. I shouldn't write stuff at that time.
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    i would like a small plugin also(but i don't have money to pay)
    basically it's like PvpArena but much simpler
    it's a FistArena plugin and i want it to have just like Pvp arena region selection,spawn points,inventory save
    the only thing i don't want is classes
    i want people fighting just with fists
    i tried to learn JAVA but i am lazy and i didn't continued to...
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    Please don't post off topic posts. If you have any concerns though, feel free to PM me, email me ([email protected]) or create a separate thread. Other plugin devs are free to undercut me if they really want to, but the real reason that I created this thread is to staunch the number of plugin requests. I've noticed that many plugin requests go unnoticed because devs think that the idea is boring. all I'm doing is filling in that gap. this way, everybody"s happy. and hey, if people are willing to wait rather than pay, that's cool by me.
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