Creating a Rank System - How to rank players up through PEX?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by TheFluffey, Jun 24, 2012.

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    Basically, I am creating a rank system. This simple rank system is a reward for my hunger games users. For every kill, they will get economy money. Eventually, they will have enough money to rank up. Here is where the problem comes in.

    I want a plugin that basically executes a command when you pay economy money. I need it so that they can simply use /shop and see how much the rank costs. Then, when they use /buy (Item ID), it will buy that rank.

    Here is the tricky part. How in the world can I make it so that they have just purchased the next rank in line in pex? I need it so that they automatically go to the next rank, and a new one displays in the shop for the next rank.

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    Edit: It needs to be a dynamic skill-tree like system. When you buy a rank, the next, better rank appears on the list automatically, and the previous one you just bought is removed.
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    Rankup the plugin does the ranking that costs money then you would just need to find a plugin that converts kills to money.
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