Create a new type of block - new texture, new functionalities

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Pindlay, Jan 15, 2012.

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    Hello everyone, ;)
    After taking some of my time to write useless plugins for Bukkit (practice time!), I decided to make one truly useful. However, for this I need to "create" a new type of block. Once placed, if you right-click on this block, a "window" appears. In that window, you can make actions that only applies to the block itself. Obviously, the new block would have a new texture.

    Thus, I have 4 general questions :
    - How do we add a new type of block with Bukkit?
    - How do we set a new texture for this block?
    - How do we set the crafting table recipe for this block?
    - How do we add a new GUI to this new block? (the window)

    Thanks for answering me! :)
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    This requires a client mod as well, I recomend you look at spout
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    Read up on this

    What you're asking for would require a client mod, as already specified.
    New block = client.
    New texture = client.
    Crafting Recipe = client.
    GUI = client.

    You're best using the MCP for this, and/or Spout.
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    I read about both Spout and MCP, and if I understand :
    - Spout support "Custom GUI API to make your own screens and HUD elements", but does not support (yet) adding new types of blocks
    - MCP is... I don't really know, I think it is a sort of "Minecraft Library"... :oops:

    Am I right? And do you have code example to help me (sometimes a line of code is worth a paragraph :cool:)

    "If your plugin you want to request has to be able to do one of those things, then please don't bother a plugin developer with reading your post."

    Sorry... :oops:

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  5. MCP is Minecraft Coder Pack:
    But don't bother with MCP, use Spout because it supports all the things you want to do and alot of people already use Spout server and client so there's no need to make a separate client plugin with MCP... and also Spout doesn't work with other client mods but it supports plugins for itself.

    And there are some plugins that add new blocks, seek them out and learn from them :p
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    Thanks, I'll look at that. :) However, as you said, Spout seems to be the best alternative.
  7. The recipe is definitely possible.
    New block- Take existing block and add data bytes to id?
    Gui- Client
    Texture- Possible manipulation of 'server-textures'???????
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    Yea definitely spout, unless you use the ItemMenuGUI API
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    Crafting Recipe = Server
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