Crash - Too many files open?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by bloodless2010, Aug 12, 2012.

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    OK Hey Guys,
    I'm trying to find out why my server keeps crashing :/
    It's happened quite a few times now.

    This is what popped up in console on the crash:

    Also, are there any plugins where I can automatically restart the server if it crashes?
    I'm using paid 24/7 hosting with multicraft control panel ( I doubt that's relevant though )
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    The linux your server is running on has just too many open files (there's a restriction for it), so you should reboot the machine or contact your hoster
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    Thanks, I've contacted the host, I think it's because when we bought the server, it was meant to be up automatically within 5 minutes, but instead because they had ran out of servers, they had to order a new one for us, and maybe they haven't/forgot to remove the restriction because I believe that's what hosts are meant to do, hopefully this gets fixed before I lose all my players ¬.¬
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