CraftBukkitUpToDate Warning Popping Up

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Entity623, Aug 9, 2011.

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    First off I <3 Bukkit but Today Aug 9th 2011 i got a Warning AFTER THE CBUTD autoupdate
    It appeared after i updated both a plugin (AdminCmd) and CBUTD .[the updates downloaded via bukkit console] i copied them over to the plugins folder and BAM warning.
    [Warning] CraftBukkitUpToDate a Error:
            at de.nofear13.craftbukkituptodate.CraftBukkitUpToDateHelper.updateCraft
    CraftBukkitUpToDate v 2.6.0
    I am running the following plugins:
    AdminCmd v 5.7.5
    iConomy v 5.01
    QuickSign v 0.3
    PermissionsBukkit v 1.1
    Jobs v 2.4.4
    citizens v 1.0.9d
    SuperPermsBridge v 1.2
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    Having the same error pop up, the only plugin that I updated was CraftBukkitUpToDate itself. It seems to be checking for updates despite the error. Looks like nofear13's update link isn't working or something?

    (CraftBukkit#1000, BukkitContrib server, only other plugins are DeathNotifier, BCMusic, and EasyWarp)
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    Post a reply on his plugin thread, you'll get faster and better help <3
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    Ah, thanks.
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    kk found a fix if you go to nofear13's plugin page and download the lastest release manually and move it to the plugins folder everything will be resolved
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