Problem/Bug CraftBukkit Scoreboard on the right side of the screen

Discussion in 'General Help' started by TheRealToastyGuy, Jan 9, 2016.

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  1. [​IMG] Hi.

    I recently realized that there is a scoreboard right side of my screen called CraftBukkit. I have no idea how to remove that. Does anyone know how to remove that?

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    What plugins do you use on your server. You need to provide information with your post or else we cannot help you.
  3. My plugins:

    PEX, Essentials, mcmmo, MV, MVP, Votifer, Glog, Towny, Slimefun, Hub.
    Im pretty sure that I misspelled some command and it appeared.
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    - Not votifier
    - Not MV
    - Not PEX
    - Not Essentials
    - not MVP
    - not mcmmo
    - not glog
    - It seems to be either slimefun or hub. My guess is hub, though.
  5. Yeah. At the time i was setting up hub command and stuff. Should I reinstall Hub plugin or something? Would it help?

    I uninstalled HUB plugin and the scoreboard is gone. Thanks.

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