CraftBukkit 1.7.2-R0.3 is now available!

Discussion in 'Bukkit News' started by EvilSeph, Feb 11, 2014.

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    A new CraftBukkit Beta Build (1.7.2-R0.3) that provides Minecraft 1.7.2 compatibility is now available. Please note: the stability of this build is relatively unknown due to the impact Minecraft 1.7 had on the core code.

    Will plugins break with this build?
    Minecraft 1.7 is one of the most involved and impactful updates to date, bringing about many changes to the core of Minecraft. As a result, there is a chance that plugins might break with this build. Even if that isn't the case, we have not completed work on API changes for 1.7 yet so future builds might still break plugins.

    What is a Beta build?
    A Beta Build is in between a developer build and a Recommended Build. These builds simply work and are promoted much more frequently than a Recommended Build. While we will do some testing before promoting a beta build, we will not be running it through our extensive test process. As such, there are no guarantees that they will not contain minor bugs. If we do find out they are broken, we will mark it as such on DLB and promote a new one. A beta build may contain incomplete API and new features but they should not interfere with running the build in any way.

    This particular Beta build, like every first few Beta builds for a Minecraft update, is primarily made available to help facilitate more testing coverage to bring us closer to a Recommended Build sooner. Please consider running this Beta build to give us a hand with discovering issues we need to address in order to reach a Recommended Build.

    Notable changes include:
    New Minecraft Command Handling
    One of the larger issues we've had with the Minecraft 1.7 update is due to the recent trend of new commands being added to Minecraft. Basically, whenever a new Minecraft command is added we need to do a lot of work to make it available through Bukkit. While this process made sense when Minecraft commands were simple, the new commands that are being added to Minecraft have significantly grown in complexity. As a result, we're now forced to add code to the project that purely exists to make the commands work and provides no benefit to plugin developers. This extra work puts an unnecessary strain on the project and leads to avoidable delays in our development process while providing very little benefit to Bukkit.

    Thankfully, with the introduction of our new Minecraft Command Handling we're able to alleviate this issue by providing a fallback system for commands. This lets the server make use of Minecraft's built in commands whenever a plugin and Bukkit version of it does not exist. What this means for server admins is that you'll no longer be waiting for us to add a new Minecraft command to Bukkit before you can use it and, instead, should be able to use them in our very first compatible build right away.

    If you're interested in more detailed information on the thought process behind this system, I wrote an article on my blog here:

    CommandBlock Command Overrides
    For server admins that are wanting to run custom maps that make heavy use of CommandBlocks, we've added an easy way to force CommandBlocks to use the Minecraft version of a command while using the plugin or Bukkit version everywhere else. This system works on a command by command basis, allowing server admins to provide a list of commands they'd like to override in our new commands.yml. Hopefully this already results in the majority of custom maps working with Bukkit but we're still investigating potential issues that could cause unintentional custom map incompatibility.

    For more detailed information on how to use the new command-block-overrides system, see the command-block-overrides section of our commands.yml article on our Bukkit Wiki.

    Ultimate Command Fallbacks
    With the introduction of the new Minecraft command handling mentioned above, we're also providing an ultimate command fallback system. This provides an untouchable safety net for commands and gives power users more control over commands through our improved aliases system explained below.

    On the surface this means that every command has an explicit way to access them:
    • Bukkit provided commands can be accessed by using the "bukkit:" prefix
      • Example: /bukkit:time
    • Mojang provided commands can be accessed by using the "minecraft:" prefix
      • Example: /minecraft:time
    • Plugin commands can be accessed by using the plugin's name as a prefix
      • Example: /scrapbukkit:time
    These fallbacks are completely untouchable by plugins and exist for every command on the server. If you're looking to prevent access to a command, we recommend removing the permission instead of trying to hide the command. For Mojang provided commands, the default access level for all of them is op but access to each can be controlled by their permissions.

    For more information on these ultimate command fallbacks and command permissions, see our commands.yml and command list articles on the Bukkit Wiki.

    Improved Aliases System
    For our power user server admins, this release also contains a greatly improved aliases system that supports command arguments, command remapping and more - all controllable through our new commands.yml file.

    See the aliases section of our commands.yml article on the Bukkit Wiki for detailed information on this powerful system.

    For more detailed information on what is contained in this update, please see the changelog here.

    Download CraftBukkit 1.7.2-R0.3 here
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    I mean the recommended build

    im going to run it on ubuntu but then i have to reinstall everything, so it would be handy if i use 1.7 so i dont have to update it later on.
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    CraftBukkit works with any OS that supports the latest Java (Java 1.6.0+).
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    yes i know but will 1.7 be out before april 8.? because im switching to ubuntu and its easier to do the updating/copying the server at once
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    Just as a heads up, Oracle has dropped support for Java6, and no longer provides downloads on it's page for it (you have to find it in the archive). Oracle does have a Java7 download now which is the latest version with security updates which is good for all Windows OSes 2000+
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    They did that a long time ago. Plugin developers in theory "should" use the JDK 1.6 because that's what compatibility level CraftBukkit is at and it would allow anyone to run it, it doesn't matter what the users choose since 1.7 and 1.8 is backward compatible. There of course is no requirement on BukkitDev to not use 1.7 or 1.8. In fact if your watching metrics, based on MCSStats, the biggest plugin Essentials has 3.8% of it's users on 1.6, so arguably you could say it's dead and time to go.

    I'm hoping we are real close to a update on CraftBukkit because there are a lot of useful things in 1.7 (switch on strings for example). But personally my plugins will remain with the CraftBukkit recommended until the CraftBukkit recommended changes.
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    Black Hole

    For plugin developers it should be easy to set up their projects in their IDE to use JDK 1.7, compile against 1.6 feature set and generating 1.6 compatible class files.
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    Alshain01 - i was just tryingto clarify, as TnT had said latest java, then said 1.6.. which isn't the latest, nor is it supported by Oracle. OpenJRE/JDK still is, but most people on a windows box will find Java7 if they try to go download it right now.
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    There seems to be a bug in the beta where once in a while everything goes dark, and it's becoming more frequent, so... Please fix it!
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    I don't understand; does this mean that all players will have to start using that prefix when they simply want to send a message? Would they have to do /bukkit:m instead of just doing /m? If an op wants to teleport to someone would they have to do /bukkit:tp instead of just /tp? Would I have to research all of the commands that are used by each plugin so that I would know which prefix to type in? Would the prefixes be necessary or are they just used to target certain commands? Would I need to fix all of the commandblocks that are currently running to make them have the correct prefix in front of the command?
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    The answer to all of your questions is "no".
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    A bunch of my own commands are being overridden by Mojang's commands now. It began after I updated to 1.7.2-R3, and is a bit frustrating to have to deal with. It would fix some issues if the plugin aliases (as specified in plugin.yml files) are given the same priority as plugin command names. Many plugins specify their commands in such a way so that a user can choose what aliases to give the command.

    aliases: ['kick','lkick']​
    description: "blah blah blah"​
    aliases: ['time']​

    Affected commands that I've noticed so far:
    /time, /tp, /kick, /pardon, /ban, /ban-ip
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    We have an issue tracker for a reason, please use it to report bugs. Until a bug is reported on Leaky (our issue tracker), it's pretty safe to assume we're not aware of it and it will not be fixed. Discussing it anywhere else means we're more likely to miss it and I'd rather have the team focusing on one site for gathering bug/improvement feedback.

    At this point we've addressed all issues brought to our attention with the new commands system and the only bug report that even remotely resembles what you're describing here is that plugins that have registered commands are not getting the appropriate priority for their commands, which we're unable to reproduce. This is very easy to test for and was one of the specific test cases we focused on when deciding if the new system was ready to go: create a plugin that registers a command and put it on the server. Does the registered command take priority? In this case, yes it did and still does so we're unable to reproduce that issue and, as such, it is invalid.

    If you're having another issue with the new commands system, please create a proper bug report with information we can use to reproduce and investigate the issue.
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    Many of us don't want to create yet another account on yet another web site.
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    Black Hole

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    I don't know how else to say this but I'm just going to be blunt: if it isn't on our official issue tracker, you can pretty much assume it won't be fixed. It is simply unreasonable to expect us to monitor multiple locations for issue reports, especially when we've provided an official dedicated area for such feedback. So, if creating one more account is too much to improve the quality of the product you use every day, fair enough. But I hope you understand that when you're affected by a bug that we won't fix because we've not been made aware of it.

    With no associated ticket, that commit is experimental, theoretical and isn't addressing any issue. If this patch does actually address a real issue, please make a ticket with the appropriate information expected for a bug report. In this case, though, I think a ticket about this issue was recently made.


    In general, I'm sorry but I'm starting to get a little annoyed at people expecting us to be able to fix issues we're not made aware of, even going so far as to become angry or annoyed at us when the issue hasn't been fixed and it has 'been such a long time'. If the issue hasn't been reported, how are we supposed to be aware of it needing to be fixed?

    In short: once you're aware of a bug, report it. Provide as much information as you can to describe the issue, how to trigger it and, if you're a developer, possibly how to fix it too. And if you're not going to provide us with the courtesy of reporting bugs you come across, then don't expect them to ever be fixed. I'm sorry if you don't have the time or the care to do so, but it's such a little thing to ask from the people who try to provide you with a high quality product with which to run your Minecraft server.
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    I already have a Bukkit account (that's what this is, isn't it?), so why can't this account be used for your issue tracker? Or why can't your issue tracker run on this system, so this account can use it?
    I don't expect you to fix issues of which you are unaware. I've been in the software engineering business for over 33 years. I'm not a kid. I know how things work. But if you want people to report issues, maybe you should make it easier for people to do so.

    Now I have to go and try to remember my username and password for my account at my townhouse association's web site so I can reply to some stupid message they sent me. See what I mean about online account burnout? Ugh.
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    Still no 1.7.4 compatible bukkit and the 1.7.5 is already launched. I don't know if i must laugh or cry, seriously.......
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    Craftbukkit 1.7.2 is compatible with Minecraft client 1.7.4 (and probably 1.7.5).
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    Still no bugfix for the view distance bug? I can't use this plugin like this if I can only see half of my cities and all landmarks suddenly disappear in fog!
    Why does it have such a low priority?
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    Leaky ticket number?
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    "Leaky" doesn't allow me to create issues and except from some posts from other guys in some forums and a source that the bug was originally in MC 1.7.2 and got fixed in 1.7.3, I unfortunately don't have a ticket number.
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    1.7.5 has server stability fixes, so one would assume a dev team such as bukkit would adopt said improvements.
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    That's a vanilla bug apparently fixed in a newer MC version. When we update to the newest MC version that bug will be fixed for us as well. We would close that ticket if you created it on leaky anyway, as it is a vanilla issue.
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    That's really sad. Guess I have to wait another 6 months then :<
    Or spend a lot of time making a WorldEdit like Plugin for Forge...
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    Black Hole

    Typhox It seems to be a client issue only. Using 1.7.4 (or newer) and/or Optifine, you'll be able to use far render distance with Bukkit 1.7.2 servers.
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    I'm using version 1.7.5 and can't see more than 8 chunks. My server is set to view-distance = 15
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    MS is no longer supporting XP. XP will still work just fine if it is already doing so on your PC. You just will no longer get updates and bug fixes for it.
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    Many of us don't have the skill and dedication it takes to produce Bukkit, for free, while some of the people who benefit complain instead of helping.

    You want your bug fixed, then report it the way that our very generous folks at Bukkit want it reported. Don't bite the hand that feeds you.
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    Why do you guys still bother with 1.7.2? Why u no 1.7.4?
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    I wonder what kind of roadblock they hit, since it's taking a lot of time to get the 1.7.2 out of beta :eek:

    I hope everything is alright :3
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