CraftBukkit 1.4.7-R1.0 is now available!

Discussion in 'Bukkit News' started by EvilSeph, Jan 30, 2013.

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    EvilSeph Retired Staff

    A new CraftBukkit Recommended Build (1.4.7-R1.0) that provides Minecraft 1.4.7 compatibility is now available. This build fixes issues found in the last Beta (1.4.7-R0.1) like not being able to place beds under certain circumstances and adds support for entities to use portals.

    Will plugins break with this build?
    Provided the developers of the plugins you are using are keeping up with the development of Bukkit, all your plugins should work fine.

    Please note this Recommended Build contains a new safeguard to protect servers against unchecked and thus potentially damaging plugins. See the announcement here for more information:

    Known Issues:
    • None.
    For more detailed information on what is contained in this update, please see the changelog here.

    Download CraftBukkit 1.4.7-R1.0 here
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    TnT Retired Staff

    Excellent work team.

    Beautiful work on the Entity portal travel by the Bleeding team. Well done.
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    drtshock Retired Staff

    Awesome work :)
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    mbaxter ʇıʞʞnq ɐ sɐɥ ı Retired Staff

    As a reminder: Requests for help belong in the Bukkit Help forum. Do not post support requests here.
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    Nice job bukkit team :)
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    Excellent as always.
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    Woot nice update!
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    chaseoes Retired Staff

    Amazing work!
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    Awesome work, great to see portal teleportation now functioning!
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    Yay, Grats on the new release!
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    Nice :D
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    Woot!!!! Now we may be able to use Essentials again!! :)
    Nice job Bukkit Team! :)
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    Awesome! Great job, coding is hard work!
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    Thank you! Is this a safeguard-triggering build? Is there an easy way to check that when an update comes out?
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    You can also subscribe to the RSS feed for your preferred channel. They might do Twitter announcements too but I don't know off the top of my head.
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    Thanks, but I meant if there's an easy way to see if a new update trigers the safeguard. Sorry if I wasn't clear describing that.

    TnT Sorry for tagging, but I thought you would probably know.
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    A damn that was fast. I was hoping to have a possibility to distinguish normal damage with damage dealt by the new thorns enchantment:

    NoCheatPlus and probably also AntiCheat will have problems if a player deals damage with his thorn enchanted armor.
  18. Good work guys!
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    This is great! Finally!
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    Unless I'm sorely mistaken, it does every time the minecraft version changes, and only when the minecraft version changes.
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    Great! thanks
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    Great job! Thanks. :D
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    Great job again!
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    lDucks Retired Staff

    Stop posting crash reports here ffs....

    Anyway, good work team
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    Hot damn... hot off the presses! Now to wait on my fav plugins to 'officially' release stable builds for this release. :)
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    Nice, as always.
    Keep up the good work :)
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    Thanks team!

    Wonder if 1.5 pre-release will be today. :D
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    TnT Retired Staff

    The safeguard only gets "triggered" on Minecraft updates.
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    Woot woot, thanks guys, only one thing tho, will it be compatible with 1.5?
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