CraftBukkit 1.4.2-R0.2 is now available!

Discussion in 'Bukkit News' started by EvilSeph, Nov 2, 2012.

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    A new CraftBukkit Beta Build (1.4.2-R0.2) that provides Minecraft 1.4.2 compatibility and fixes serious issues in CraftBukkit 1.4.2-R0.1 is now available. The previous beta is considered broken and will be marked as such on, as a result updating to this beta is highly recommended.

    Will plugins break with this build?
    Provided the developers of the plugins you are using are keeping up with the development of Bukkit, all your plugins should work fine. Unless we specifically have to break plugins or the plugins you are using are employing inappropriate practises, most plugins should work without needing an update whenever we put out a new release.

    What is a Beta build?
    A Beta Build is in between a developer build and a Recommended Build. These builds simply work and are promoted much more frequently than a Recommended Build. While we will do some testing before promoting a beta build, we will not be running it through our extensive test process. As such, there are no guarantees that they will not contain minor bugs. If we do find out they are broken, we will mark it as such on DLB and promote a new one. A beta build may contain incomplete API and new features but they should not interfere with running the build in any way.

    This particular Beta build is primarily a fix for the first beta and, as such, should still be given the same considerations as our first beta build. Please consider running this Beta build to give us a hand with discovering issues we need to address in order to reach a Recommended Build.

    The release of Minecraft 1.3 introduced built in auto-save functionality that is completely new to Minecraft: prior to this release, server admins had to provide their own means to save things on their server at a set interval. As a result, the vast majority of servers already have an auto-saving mechanism of some sort, rendering the newly provided built in auto-save largely redundant. On top of this, it was also immediately noticeable that the built in auto-save was the cause of a significant performance hit to the server, even going so far as to lock up the server each time it ran.

    Bearing this in mind, we decided the best course of action was to make the auto-save interval configurable and default to being disabled. By doing so we immediately saw a noticeable performance increase on servers and noticed overwhelmingly positive feedback on our Beta builds. While some might argue that this could leave servers without frequent saving, this change simply reverts behaviour back to what server admins are familiar with from Minecraft 1.2.5.

    As mentioned before, we have made the auto-save interval configurable and disableable within the bukkit.yml. Simply set "ticks-per.autosave" to the number of ticks you want between each save or set it to 0 to disable it completely and use a script or plugin to manage it instead.

    Notable Changes:
    • Fixed crash caused by plugins that allow players to change art. See BUKKIT-2667 for more information.
    • Fixed generated structures not retaining their data after a server restart. See BUKKIT-2760 for more information.
    • Fixed time and player time not working. See BUKKIT-2797 for more information.
    • Fixed a bug that resulted in world data not being preserved when switching from vanilla Minecraft to Bukkit. See BUKKIT-2760 and BUKKIT-2816 for more information.
    Known Issues:
    • Monsters, villagers, etc. using portals (added in Minecraft 1.4) has been temporarily disabled.
    For more detailed information on what is contained in this update, please see the changelog here.

    Download CraftBukkit 1.4.2-R0.2 here
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    Lol,I haven't update my server to 1.4.2 yet.I'm glad there is a new update for Bukkit.
    Awesome job guys.
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    Very great jobs guys, I hope that the Recommended Build will coming soon and also plugins
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    Use the latest Beta build.

    Utahnl It means monsters, animals and villagers cannot go through portals.
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    srsly,stop talking trash "i've waited enough for a recommended build",as if bukkit OWE you something,they don't owe YOU anything ! and thus YOU CANNOT demand it. it's FREE,so it will be done WHEN IT WILL BE DONE. constantly bi*ching about it wont make it faster.
    just sayin'
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    For when is the 1.4.4 Minecraft patch ? Because i know the Dev Bukkit is waiting for that befor the next RBbukkit . My server host compagny dont want to put the beta build ... I would like to know a date or Link about when it come out. That will give me a little estimation when my server will be updated in 1.4 by my hoster. Thanks
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    Your server host should get used to pulling the Beta builds. When 1.4.4 gets released, we will be doing the same thing - releasing a Beta build first before an RB.
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    Don't twist my words, i said "i feel like i've waited enough for a recommended build"
    I have the right to a opinion and i never demanded anything.
    Go bother someone else you self righteous pr*ck.

    TnT Thanks i've been running the latest dev build without any isues so far
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    Are Witch Huts enabled in the current Beta build? I've been telling my players to hold off on exploring in case they aren't. I didn't see any specific notes about it so I figured I'd ask directly.
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    that has been fixed in the latest dev build. People in my server are trying to make grinders off them already. Only problem is for me villagers arnt breeding :( soo sadly no point in making a zombie spawning farm for villagers if they will just despawn and ill have to manually heal more zombie villagers
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    Thanks for putting hard work into it sorry if this sounds a bit impatient but how long would you estimate to be released recommended ?
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    Thanks for all the work guys :)

    We're running several servers on 1.4.2 R0.2 and so far it's been pretty stable overall. Great job!
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    Awsome job!
    1 question though, will this work with Feed the Beast mod pack?
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    Its better to ask the makers of that mod rather than ask us, as we can't possibly know which mods will or won't work with CraftBukkit.
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