CraftBukkit 1.3.1-R2.0 is now available!

Discussion in 'Bukkit News' started by EvilSeph, Aug 19, 2012.

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    A new CraftBukkit Recommended Build (1.3.1-R2.0) that provides Minecraft 1.3.1 compatibility is now available.

    Important information about this Recommended Build:
    This Recommended Build is merely a slightly more polished development build that we're promoting to a Recommended Build so that people who rely on a Recommended Build being available can try out our development builds and decide if they want to use them. We decided to promote another Recommended Build of this nature to address issues discovered in the first one.

    Getting this Recommended Build out provides us with two advantages: it allows us to get a more stable build out for the community to use and it enabling us to unshackle our development efforts and start pushing experimental changes that we hope will significantly help out with Bukkit performance and stability which we'll be releasing in an upcoming Beta build.

    A note on Minecraft 1.3.2
    As Minecraft 1.3.2 was primarily a bug fix release whose main purpose was to address an issue with travelling to and from the Nether and this issue is and was already fixed in Bukkit, there is no rush for us to update Bukkit to Minecraft 1.3.2. We'd rather focus on getting a stable, better performing Bukkit out first then work on updating Bukkit to the latest Minecraft update.

    Will plugins break with this build?
    Provided the developers of the plugins you are using are keeping up with the development of Bukkit, all your plugins should work fine.

    For more detailed information on what is contained in this update, please see the changelog here.

    Download CraftBukkit 1.3.1-R2.0 here
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    Great job bukkit team, keep up the amazing work!

    Edit: First ;)
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    Thanks a lot Bukkit Team. Just updated my server :)
    Keep up the great work.

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    That sounds nice. :)
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    Thank Bukkit Team.
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    so is the bukkit 1.3.1 R2.0 considered as "outdated" or not when u try to login to one with minecraft 1.3.2?
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    No, 1.3.2 clients can connect to a 1.3.1 server without any issues.
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    any idea if it helps the lag issue caused by 1.3 or are we going to have to wait for mojang to release 1.4 or something?

    I cant install it until my host provider puts it in my control panel.
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    If you rebadge a dev build, how is this a recommended build again? Come on guys, get your dev configuration management under control -- this is just embarrassing and stupid.
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    /me unshackles his reading glasses out
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    Right. But it's not more stable. It's just a rebadged dev build. Newsflash: Developers and users are already using dev builds to unblock themselves because you guys aren't in sync with Minecraft releases (read: slow).

    What are you guys doing at Mojang?
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    All builds are re-badged dev builds. I'm failing to see your point. You mean to say we shouldn't make RB's so that developers and server admins who only update to Recomended Builds don't update? What's the point of us working on this project then? Welcome to bukkit, the project where we never let anyone use anything we develop.
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    This build is incredibly more stable than 1.3.1-R1.0. I do love how you state its not more stable 40 minutes after its release. Have you even tried it yet?
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    I'm sure the plan on paper was to set up a "stable" and "unstable" branch, to emulate real devs. But Bukkit dev is so painfully slow that everyone has switched to using dev builds now. And to fix the slow stream of stable builds Bukkit is now just rebadging dev builds, defeating the whole purpose of having separate branches.
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    When should I expect to see "Player moved too fast" fixed, nerfed, or configurable?
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    This is just a rollup of dev build fixes, and I'm using dev builds... so yes, I've tried it.
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    I don't see what you are saying. They are called Recommend Builds, not Perfect Builds. If you want to be a real dev then feel free to start your own free service dedicated to allowing server admins to run a customized server.
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    Everyone? There are a great many people who use the RB's.

    Mojang would be pretty shock to see me show up at their door. Being I'm not an employee and all that.

    So then you see the latest commit right before the RB should fix a great many problems with world saving, right?
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    install no cheat plus build 32 not build 33 NoCheatPlus has fixed the flight bug.

    heres the jenkins link
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    Obviously I was referring to the team that joined Mojang, which doesn't seem to have resulted in anything useful for the Bukkit community. Hope something is still in the works up there.
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    Note how pre-releases started showing up after those 4 people were hired? Just because you did not get a memo doesn't mean changes haven't happened.
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    Hey TnT

    I appreciate that it must be quite annoying to have to explain the process over and over again to people who just don't get it. So with that in mind ... I'm genuinely sorry but I just don't get it :(

    I had understood that I should probably stay clear of dev builds (Especially early ones) because they might have a fair number of bugs and their stability may be low.

    This made sense and so I have personally avoided dev builds.

    Then I saw an R1.0 build and was pretty happy because it was really soon after minecraft 1.3.1 and I thought this very impressive.

    Then I read the release text and realized that R1.0 might be a special case. It was "merely a slightly more polished development build". I decided to stay clear of that one also, expecting the next one to be more my level.

    Now R2.0 has been released and I was again excited until I saw the same message.

    I am currently running the minecraft 1.2.5 and bukkit-1.2.5-R1.3 with the multiverse and chest lock plugins.

    I would however love to be able to minecraft 1.3.1. There seem to have been some nice additions :)

    So my question is:
    As a user of Bukkit (rather than a developer or plugin author).. Should I install and use 1.3.2 of minecraft and follow that up with bukkit 1.3.1-R2.0?

    If I do this, what in rough terms will I be risking?

    I appreciate you can't make any exact promises. I'm just looking for rough guidance.

    FWIW If not this RB, then when should I upgrade?
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    Note how despite these pre-release builds and 4 people at Mojang, Bukkit is still lagging behind.
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    This build is no more stable than R1-0. I have been using a build with Mikeprimms fix long before you committed it.

    I honestly do not see the point of releasing recommended builds that have known performance issues and problems with stability.
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    I sympathise with your position. However despite my own impatience, I would point out that this 1.3 series of bukkit builds *seem* to have been produced way quicker than the 1.2 series.

    I think lagging behind is inevitable, however the lag seems greatly reduced.

    Surely that's an improvement?
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    Why don't you just shut up and respect what the bukkit team is doing for us. Unless of course you would like to code your own version of it and keep it more up to date than they are.

    Anyways, thanks to the bukkit team again for an update :)

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