CraftBukkit 1.2.5-R2.0 is now available!

Discussion in 'Bukkit News' started by EvilSeph, May 17, 2012.

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    In case if anyone is having problems with the Jline, here is what your .batch should be configured as

    Echo off
    java -Xms1536M -Xmx1536M -jar craftbukkit.jar nogui -nojline

    (Please not that the memory set is differently for me then it is for you all. My server is running on 1.5GBs. Reconfigure your memory as needed.)

    I just figured this out today and now I don't get any information about Jline anymore! If you copy and paste what I just showed you, you should not have any more problems. I'm running Windows 7 32-bit with the last Visual C++ 2008 redistributable installed and no problems here. Hope this helps!
  2. Thank you i solved on Windows Server 2008 r-2
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    I am using Spoutcraft maybe because of this, I will test it :)
    Yes it is the same message on both with copy & paste :p

    Ok, on the normal Client all works fine, I will report it to the Spout team, sorry :)
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    seversk tomsk

    I am Russian :)
    Wrote that the good news, will translate CraftBukkit
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    I'm not using spout
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    Excellent news, shall try it out immediately.

    EvilSeph I have to ask (as I asked in the last RB thread and no body replied) why are we no longer posting the RB threads in the RB board? Seems rather silly keeping the board around if it's no longer being used. :)
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    I've asked the same thing when they stopped.
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    The thread isn't even 2 pages, and you can't be bothered to at least glance at it? This error has been mentioned three times on 1 page already.
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    I'm also having a weird double-text-line bug with this version. It writes everything out twice. Is it a problem with bukkit or is it because of my many, many plugins? x.x
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    I don't personally see this message, I'm going to guess its a plugin. You can do a quick test by removing all plugins temporarily and trying.
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    This build seems to make it so that sticks can't be used to craft.
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    wow... that is strange.
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    FlyingTitan00 FlyingTitan00
    Not at all strange. Some consoles do not support color (this was mentioned in the post that started this thread). You need to ensure your console supports color or you will see that.

    Post in the Bukkit Help forum for assistance.

    That would be caused by one of your plugins, or possibly a client mod, as it cannot be reproduced on this RB.
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    Amazing! Loads very quickly!
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    It's in previous versions, because it's a linux server but the web console (I'm guessing it somehow reads the linux console) doesnt support colors.

    I'll have to ask my host to see if this RB works.
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    I updated to this RB last night. Everything seemed okay until one of my regular players could no longer login. He would get booted off the server immediately with an error showing in his console "Recieved String length longer than maximum allowed 214 > 119"
    The server console showed no errors at all, just disconnect.end of stream immediatly after showing him log in.

    Ontop of that i was experiencing some MAJOR chat lag, and random disconnects from the server timing out.

    I went back to the last RB and my friend can connect and no more chat lag.... so, whatever you guys did in this latest RB there are still some issues to be resolved.

    Using MineOS for those who care...
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    Just upgraded to this version. My world seems to be pushed back about 8 hours. I stopped CraftBukkit and restarted the server before upgrading. Any possible reason for this?
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    I did remove all the plugins and tried again, it still sent the text twice. In the first line it just kept going off screen, in the second line it correctly cut off at the end of the screen and continued on the next row.
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    Are you using MineOS?
    If so, do you have restore on restart turned on? If so, your last backup may have been 8 hours ago.
    This only applies if you phisically restarted.
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    You need a 1.2.5 client otherwise you may see the message too long error and be disconnected. For the odd line wrapping and doubled text in Spoutcraft you need to talk to them but I think they just fixed it.
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    I know this sounds stupid, but can I just keep the plugins I have right now or do I have to update the .jar files?
  26. noticed weird thing with console, when i type example "list", list of players looks like this:

    02:40:33 [INFO] ←[34;1mThere are ←[31;1m3←[34;1m out of maximum ←[31;1m20←[34;1m players online.←[m

    02:40:33 [INFO] Connected players:←[35m[God]←[32m←[31;1m~niksa←[37;1m←[37;1m←[37;1m, ←[33;1mtjspower←[37;1m←[37;1m, ←[33;1m←[31;1m~Kab←[37;1m←[37;1m←[37;1m←[m
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    I followed your tutorial to the letter, but colors are still not showing in the CraftBukkit CMD window, instead of colors I get this after typing 'say <MESSAGE HERE>'[​IMG]
    Thanks for the help!
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    great thanks ;)
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    SPAM post removed. Help requests removed. Please use Bukkit Help for support requests.
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    When i tried connecting to my server minecraft crashed when i downgraded i could connect fine
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