CraftBukkit 1.2.5-R1.3 is now available!

Discussion in 'Bukkit News' started by EvilSeph, Apr 30, 2012.

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    In my scenario, the sporting goods store is owned by the same person as the grocery store.
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    EvilSeph on it still says the latest recommended build is R1.0
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    That is correct. This is a beta build, not a recommended build.
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    Oh. I... Knew.... That...
  5. Does this fix the bug where you Shift+Click an item into a full inventory? This is what causes:
    " " .b(...)
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    Actually, it goes a little more like this:

    1) Man walks up to a manager overseeing an employee stocking the cereal shelves.
    2) The man informs the supervisor that some kids are two aisles over in the dairy aisle getting high on the nitrus oxide from whipcream cans.
    3) The supervisor says, "psst come here" and the man walks closer and says "what?"
    4) The supervisor proceeds to pull out duct tape and put it over the man's mouth and states, "You should have asked me when I was standing in the dairy aisle. This is the wrong area to be asking about dairy products."
    5) He pulls out the memory eraser from the movie Men In Black and wipes the minds of nearby customers so they won't remember the complaint.
    6) Then he informs the duct taped man that he'd best follow procedure or else.
    7) Meanwhile, the kids in the dairy aisle have used up all the gas in the whipcream cans and they start dancing in the aisles and using laser pointers to scare off customers all the while cackling with glee.
    8) The manager gets a pat on the back from other employees for a job well done.
    9) The man with the duct tape over his mouth learns a hard lesson about ever reporting anything again.

    That's probably a closer analogy.
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    Deleted user

    Should our plugin thread titles have the version [1.2.5-R1.3] in it now, or is [1.2.5-R1.0] fine?
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    So.... I guess you can have 1.2.5-R1.3 but also include the lastest recommended build ;)
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    This comment caught my attention and made me register on the site. I recently updated from a no-mod vanilla server sitting idle with no players logged in at about 1-5% to this version of CraftBukkit, same world, same machine (Xeon/Win2008 Standard), no plugins, idling at 35-45% CPU with no players. So yes, just a couple of percents, as you can see...
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    Thread about discussing Craftbukkit 1.2.5-R1.3.
    We discuss the high CPU usage in Craftbukkit 1.2.5-R1.3.

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    I second that emotion. Except for me it happens to sit around 69% with bukkit and 12% with standard minecraft. I won't call it vanilla anymore because that's the name of spout's new from scratch rewrite of the minecraft server, so I find it confusing to call them both vanilla.
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    I'm gona test this today maybe it will reduce the lag.
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    This S%$t has gotten hilariously out of hand.
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    lol guys :p wait for my 2 vids (saturday !)

    Then i show you how i use from 4GB max only 2GB Ram for a TNT Field with more then 750.000 blocks .... AND server is stable and needed a little bit more then a hour ;)

    Ahhh forget to mention :p CraftBukkit STANDART crashes with 4GB RAM after 3-4 min and with 8GB RAM in max 6min ...... same TNT Explosion xD xD

    So for all the people who still ask questions ............ --> I have the fastest and stablest MINECRAFT-SERVER since my thirst thread xD

    Sorry if it sounds a little bit harsh .... but if see my video and download the same map ... you will see the big big difference ;) And i used almost over 9 days to be MORE then sure xD

    And for all the guys who try to copy my style ;) .... no chance :p

    Stay tuned .... or restart the server :p
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    Nice. Since every plugin broke on the last big update, my server runs perfect. I never get over 50% CPU usage with 15 people on, several of them using WorldEdit, being in 4 different worlds etc...
    Absolutely no error in the console. Great work bukkit team! I'm amazed for the future.
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    Now I do feel the need to come back and give a helping hand to those still struggling with high CPU usages, an issue probably most noticeable on medium to low end machines. A bug has been opened here, where you can read the whole discussion. In short, adding the command line option -nojline will bring the CPU utilization down to minimal levels, in my case from 45% to less than 10% for an idle server. I hope the problem will be permanently fixed in the next release. Apart from this, great job team.
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    I would also like to know if this is mostly with Windows servers. I just do not see the same on my Ubuntu server with jline enabled.
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    Wouldn't know, sorry. Although the owner of the ticket seems to have it running on a Linux box. He never came back with more details about his problems though.
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    His problem could have been completely unrelated. You kind of hijacked that ticket with your issue, which we troubleshooted and found to be a jline + Windows thing.
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    Come on whats up with you TnT?
    Kind of hijacked, as if this is even possible. :p ;)
    Isn't it great that this jline issue was found?

    I would be glad if you guys can find an alternative.
    It's not only the >, the console AND the log is getting kind of really hard to read with all those visible control characters in it.
    I kind of fell like people thinking: "Windows users don't deserve it to have this issue fixed for them." I hope that's not the case. ;)
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    The original persons ticket may have had nothing to do with jline was the point I was making to Moonstorm. Moonstorm's issue was with a different environment than the person who submitted the ticket. We can be reasonably assured it is not the same problem, because the jline issue only appears to affect Windows servers, whereas the original poster is using Linux. I am happy we discovered the jline issue, but we still do not know what the original posters problem is still, this is my point. Aka, he hijacked the ticket. It is possible, and if you want an example, look at this ticket. Unfortunately now, we have a ticket that has a problem reported and still no solution, so we now have a ticket in limbo. A much better process would have been for Moonshadow to submit his own ticket. Hence we could have had this problem (jline) identified and a workaround provided (since the solution would be in jline itself there is no way for Bukkit to fix it) and still had this other ticket to work through.

    By submitting two issues on one ticket it makes things unclear what was fixed, what is still a problem, and what was the clear resolution to the problem. Keep in mind, references ticket numbers, so having one issue per ticket is important to transparency.

    The work around for the jline issue at present is to turn it off, or not use Windows to host your server, as it appears to be affecting Windows servers only (I want further confirmation of this). I am not sure if jline has a fix in their code to resolve this issue. There may be alternates to jline itself, however, I have not looked into one.

    Have you ever watched a ticket system go unused because of the confusing tickets submitted, no process available for handling tickets, and no method for cleaning out the bad tickets? I have, and I really would rather not see it happen with leaky. Hence I may be harsh clearing out tickets, and harsh in my requests for proper information, and harsh in my requests that tickets address one issue at a time. This is something years of experience working on tickets and ticket systems and I have yet to see a good reason to change the way tickets get handled.
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    Aaaand here it is. If I had opened a different ticket outlining the same issue, TnT would have said "Hey dumba**, use the search function!". Instead, I just mentioned I get a similar behaviour in Windows, and the thread got "hijacked" by... hmmmm TnT, asking for proof:

    "Unfortunately I cannot reproduce that MoonStorm. Can you provide a full server.log please? Any visualvm snapshots or anything else you can provide?"

    which I did. He could have said, please open another ticket for Windows and dump your findings there...
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    Not necessarily. We have other "high CPU" tickets and I haven't said that before, why would I start now? If it was a duplicate, we can link and close them. I probably would have said the same thing - "can you provide visualvm snapshots". I didn't notice it was you responding, not the original poster. If I did I would have requested you submit your own ticket. If the ticket was submitted with good quality information it always gets looked at. I realize I let it get hijacked, next time I will be watching closer.
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    Ok now I understand better what you meant with 'hijacked'.
    But MoonStorm didn't know about this is an Windows issue when started his 'hijack' so I think it's nothing to blame him for.

    It isn't possible to split issues in Jira just like threads in forums, is it?
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    Wasn't intending to place blame, he brought up how the original owner of the ticket hasn't responded. For all we know, the original Reporter of the ticket may think "Great, the issue is fixed now" whereas his problem may not be fixed at all. It could have gone the other way, and the issues could have been the same. However, if they were two tickets we would have a way to handle that - with a duplicate. Don't get me wrong, I am not trying to discourage an issue being reported, and I applaud Moonshadow for looking through existing tickets in order to prevent a duplicate. However, with something like a CPU/Memory issue, its not going to be as clear cut if its a duplicate compared to a ticket such as this: - where one can very easily recreate the issue.

    No way to split issues that I know of. Also a ticket should have more information than a simple comment usually includes.
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    I updated a couple weeks ago finally, after running 1.1 so long or whatever it was =P. I just noticed that there's a new End world on the server, was this due to the update?
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    Yeah its working for me i got my server up and running
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