CraftBukkit 1.0.0 Has been released (Official Link from

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by SmartieCaik, Nov 20, 2011.

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    Thats a build but not a recommended one.
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    but its good to know that bukkit is getting there with the 1.0.0 build
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    testing it, and it works perfectly fine (expect the plugins, which are 'outdated' :))
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    apparently, mine wont let me promote or demote anyone on the console or in game, its just errors
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    Plugins are outdated because there has not been any recommended build yet, so developers won't update until then.
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    even though its only a build, im gonna try it on my serve thats going down because of my new one
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    craftbukkit test-1465 working so far, loot drops seem a bit odd, but that could just be bad luck, and it breaks the blocks on glass plugin, so far not seen any leaking roofs in the rain. Actually seems slightly more lag efficient too (on a badly shaped connection its still sorta playable oddly) Not tested enchanting and such, but having that work 100% this early is asking a bit much i suspect.

    .. Actually an associate reports opening chests on his server kicks players off, fine on my server

    On mine, appears to be random map biome changes, ice in particular is a problem as if you enter an ocean area the first time the game will lag out on you as all the water is changing to ice blocks - if you can live with that that seems to be the worst so far, will edit post as i find issues...

    .. Actually the biome thing seems to overload something client side, server isnt even breaking a sweat but the clients are maxing out in these water changing to ice type areas. Might be some sort of server/client communication clash there

    >..likely not a bug but shaded areas (ie under tree leaves) in snow biomes dont freeze oddly enough

    moving further replies to:
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    Is the download safe?
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    The link is to the official Craftbukkit repository... it's definitely a virus.
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    Thanks i did find that out when bukkit said bukkit has NOT made a build for 1.0.0 and so is NOT from bukkit so i thought yeah it's a virus.
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    He is being sarcastic. When Bukkit originally said that there were no 1.0 versions there WERE no 1.0 version. However time passed and now there is a preliminary dev build. You can tell it is real because it is at (where all the bukkit builds appear). The most recent tweet was incorrect (they have now tweeted to correct it).

    Rule of thumb: Any Bukkit build from is real. Any build from anywhere else most likely isn't.
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    #1465 is FLAWLESS on my server. :D

    The only problem I've had so far is the PickBoat plugin doesn't work; I get both the boat AND plank/sticks when I break a boat. Obviously all plugins that rely on Spout are broken, but that is expected.

    I can confirm this too; my server has been full (12 slots) all morning and bandwidth usage seems to be much lower (using iftop to monitor). Usually with 12 players I see 2-2.5Mbps, right now it's going between 700Kbps to 2Mbps. :D:D

    BUKKIT I LOVE YOU [diamond]
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    Well said, bukkit deserves more than just love ..but cant find the donate link for bukkit

    is there one ?
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    On the home-page, the right column:
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    Enchanted items lose their enchantments on the dev-build when being dropped on death. So, as long as you don't mind that, it works perfect for me.
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    found it :) Transaction ID: 9FR69199CR149244E
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    Nice. Lol you just filled their Bukkit with moo-la :p
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    noone else getting "Failed to load class-manifest" issue with the 1.0.0 Dev builds?
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