Craft-Blacklist ?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by GoldenX, May 28, 2011.

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    Hi !
    I'm looking for a plugin which permits to do a craft-blacklist (allow someone to craft an item or a block and prevent someone else to do the same).
    Anyone knows if a plugin like this exist ? Otherwise, is it possible to do it ?
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    I think WorldGuard still has blacklisting functionality. Residence does too I believe.
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    Worldguard has a blacklist in order to prevent : "breaking, dropping, placement". But it can't prevent "crafting " :( I don't know for "residence"
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    I have been searching the same thing. I would be happy if I had a item logging tool that logs crafting actions.
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    Lolmewn Retired Staff

    Me too! Or registering that something gets crafted.
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    On the WorldGuard google docs file it says that Bukkit doesn't have yet a API for crafting detection. Idk if it's real tho.
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    Anyone else ?
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    worldguard with the "on-acquire" event configured should do it, right?

    From the header of blacklist.txt:

    # Events:
    # - on-break (when a block of this type is about to be broken)
    # - on-destroy-with (the item/block held by the user while destroying)
    # - on-place (a block is being placed)
    # - on-use (an item like flint and steel or a bucket is being used)
    # - on-interact (when a block in used (doors, chests, etc.))
    # - on-drop (an item is being dropped from the player's inventory)
    # - on-acquire (an item enters a player's inventory via some method)
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    Yes but, I want to put in place a job system, ie someone is not able to craft a block or an item but is able to buy it to another player. The blacklist "on-acquire" totally prevents a player to possess an item or a block.
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    Does anyone want to get into the programming of this plugin? I would be very grateful.
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    I need this as well.
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