CPU drops to 0%, server unresponsive

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Stephen304, Dec 18, 2011.

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    Sometimes for 5 minutes straight or as short as 2 seconds my computer CPU usage in task manager will drop to 0% and the server will become unresponsive. If it lasts long enough (20+ seconds) people will be kicked from the server, but the console will only show that they have disconnected (EndOfStream) when the cpu returns to normal usage. This is causing a lot of issues (and rage).

    No errors shown besides people disconnecting (EndOfStream)

    I am running 1.0.1-R1 with 1GB ram, the system has 3GB of ram installed and uses 922MB when the server is not running.
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    1. Check the console for errors or warnings prior to / during / after the symptoms
    2. Post your startup script so we can see your java startup parameters
    3. Allocate more memory if you can (1GB isn't a lot with those plugins, MySQL, etc)
    4. Try running without unnecessary plugins for awhile (Dynmap, PTweaks aren't critical
    5. Make sure your running the latest Spout RB.
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    There are no errors.

    Startup Script:
    It does this even when it is using 400MB of ram, nowhere near the limit set at 1GB, but I will try 2GB anyways.

    I paused dynmap renders and there was no difference, though I will try removing DynMap and PTweaks to test anyways.

    I'll try re-installing spout from the latest download, though I just installed spout a couple days ago so I'm fairly certain that it's the latest.
    So I removed PTweaks and DynMap and it seems to be working fine. I'll report back after some time. I suspect that it may have been PTweaks. I have not changed the RAM limits.
    The issue is still present with those plugins removed.
    I removed all plugins except HawkEye and increase the ram max to 1.5 GB (it wouldn't let me set 2GB) I will report back after more testing.
    After more testing, the problem still persists. I have removed every plugin EXCEPT HawkEye and the ram limit is set to 1.5 GB and it still had moments when cpu would drop to 0% and everyone would be kicked from the server. I am going to remove HawkEye and test again. (This time it will be normal bukkit 1.0.1-R1, no plugins, 1.5GB ram limit) I will report back soon.
    It seems to be a Bukkit issue. I tested with no plugins. It won't even let me on in the first place. As soon as it starts up, cpu goes down to 0% and I can't join.

    I did some more searching and came across this post:

    I really don't want to reduce ram allocation to below 1GB. Does anyone know anything about using "more aggressive garbage collection"?
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