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    I own a server, and I had a idea for a plugin. It's just like factions, but a little different.
    You can make countries, and towns, (little like towny) but there are special ranks, such as spies, warlords, mage, farmers, miners, and soldiers. Each of them has their own unique ability, which enables them to be VERY strong in some parts. Here is a list of their abilities.
    Warlord: strength, knockback. Can ride pigs and CONTROL them!!
    Mage: magical spells. Just get a stick in your hand, and say something like /wreathfromhell
    and theres a column of flame (fireballs) flying down. Limited mana
    farmers: extra wheat when farming (instead of crops dropping 1 wheat, it drops 3 wheat) and crops grow faster if the farmer planted it. Can turn into soldiers for a short period of time
    Miner: speed mining, xp when finding rare ores. can turn into soldiers for a short period of time.
    soldiers: strength (that's it. lol)
    spies: mob disguise (or invisibility)
    !!!These are all configurable!!!
    You can also colonize towns, and rip off resources from them.
    If you have iconomy, you can rip off money from the town.

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