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    Plugin type : fun
    Plugin name : whatever you want
    Details: I want a plugin that will count down from 1 minute to 0 seconds to start a game this format would be great.
    "The game will start in 1 minute"
    "The game will start in 30 seconds"
    "The game will start in 10 seconds"
    "The game will start in 9 seconds"
    ^ ect.
    "The game is now starting (cancel the runnable / task)
    Permissions: none
    When do I need it: ASAP

    Thank you everyone who has read this topic .
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    When would the countdown start?
    How would it start?

    Would it just keep on repeating while your server is running?

    Please elaborate!
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    I did this plugin for a previous request, and it's really similar for what you want.

    Try it out,
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    @Jaackk the countdown would start at 1 minute onEnable. The countdown would just keep repeating. Thanks for all the replies @TheMexicanKirby that plugin is awesome but it goes based on commands.
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