Could somebody please teach me how to code?

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by ChancEmerica, Jul 16, 2012.

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    Well I want to learn how to code in java, I have teamviewer and skype so if anybody is willing that would be great, I have a plug in that I need to be made so maybe we can make it while I learn :)
    I need those 2 plug ins but if we could make the lockpick one that would be great

    I didn't really know where to create this thread at so I put it here​

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    Yeah, wrong forum. ;)

    But... Why not read the Bukkit wiki? I find it pretty useful.

    Or you can have staff move this to Offtopic.
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    Youtube, Other Source Code, Other Coders there are all kinds of ways to learn but you should learn basics first like

    Methods Booleans Strings and stuff like that then try the bukkit api
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    Deleted user

    1. Wrong forum ;). Post this in Plugin Development, or Offtopic./
    2. I suggest thenewboston. He is a very good coding teacher that is on Youtube.
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    thenewboston is amazing! I recommend Bucky a lot. :3
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    Deleted user

    Aren't they the same people.
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    Yeah... That was an unneeded 'too'. -_- I think I meant to say 'a lot'... Don't ask me. I have a headache. ;)
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    Read a book
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    Reading a book is inferior to watching examples and being taught by another human. Just saying
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    Very True.
    But when you can't find someone to help you there are a lot of nice tutorial video's out there.
  12. ^-^ i'm sorry but... :rolleyes:
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    Moved to the correct forum.
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    It isn't. With book-reading you can learn at your own rate from someone who has often more expertise than in tutorials.
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