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    Im making a server based on Call of Duty MW3, i already have the arenas, and weapons, grenadesan all that other stuff.

    But now, the only thing i miss, is somekind of PvpTitles plugin

    When you start in the server you will get the title [FNG] ( its the beginners title in mw3)

    You can earn all kins of titles when doing pvp
    For more titles, check this site:

    There are no commands/permissions needed for this
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    Wow, 500+ titles.

    You might be better off using something like Variable Triggers or Skript to trigger and store these titles.
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    how do you unlock the titles please provide me with more information so i can create it
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    Only a few titles can be used in minecraft, Not all 500, i was more thinking about 25-50

    The titles can be unlocked by kills, or other stuff, ill explain it to you very soon
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    I'll do this :) Already working on it now. I already have an idea of how to have so many titles, theoretically you could have 500+ titles if you wanted to.
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    Ok, i was thinking about somekind of level system, with prestiges in it,

    please, give me some more details!

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