CoreProtect does not log Flint and Steel?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by youtakun, Nov 9, 2016.

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    This is the second time I actually needed CoreProtect (v2.13.1) to find a culprit and now it fails me. I know the exact location where people started fire, and all CoreProtect tells me is this:

    /co i
    ----- CoreProtect ----- (x-28/y200/z172)
    0.05/h ago - suspect1 removed fire.
    0.06/h ago - suspect2 removed fire.
    0.07/h ago - suspect1 removed fire.
    0.09/h ago - suspect1 removed fire.
    0.09/h ago - suspect2 removed fire.
    0.10/h ago - suspect1 removed fire.
    52.10/h ago - suspect2 removed diorite.
    As you see, only the fire extinguishing is logged, not the fire starting.

    I thought I configured everything correctly, although I don't see a specific item for tool/fire use. Chest inspection and blocks placed/removed work perfectly.

    #CoreProtect Config
    # If enabled, extra data is displayed when doing rollbacks and restores.
    # If disabled, you can manually trigger it in-game by adding "#verbose"
    # to the end of your rollback statement.
    verbose: true
    # MySQL is optional and not required.
    # If you prefer to use MySQL, enable the following and fill out the fields.
    use-mysql: false
    table-prefix: co_
    mysql-port: 3306
    mysql-database: database
    mysql-username: root
    # If enabled, CoreProtect will check for updates when your server starts up.
    # If an update is available, you'll be notified via your server console.
    check-updates: true
    # If enabled, other plugins will be able to utilize the CoreProtect API.
    api-enabled: true
    # If no radius is specified in a rollback or restore, this value will be
    # used as the radius. Set to "0" to disable automatically adding a radius.
    default-radius: 10
    # The maximum radius that can be used in a command. Set to "0" to disable.
    # To run a rollback or restore without a radius, you can use "r:#global".
    max-radius: 100
    # If enabled, items taken from containers (etc) will be included in rollbacks.
    rollback-items: true
    # If enabled, entities, such as killed animals, will be included in rollbacks.
    rollback-entities: true
    # If enabled, generic data, like zombies burning in daylight, won't be logged.
    skip-generic-data: false
    # Logs blocks placed by players.
    block-place: true
    # Logs blocks broken by players.
    block-break: true
    # Logs blocks that break off of other blocks; for example, a sign or torch
    # falling off of a dirt block that a player breaks. This is required for
    # beds/doors to properly rollback.
    natural-break: true
    # Properly track block movement, such as sand or gravel falling.
    block-movement: false
    # Properly track blocks moved by pistons.
    pistons: false
    # Logs blocks that burn up in a fire.
    block-burn: false
    # Logs when a block naturally ignites, such as from fire spreading.
    block-ignite: false
    # Logs explosions, such as TNT and Creepers.
    explosions: true
    # Track when an entity changes a block, such as an Enderman destroying blocks.
    entity-change: false
    # Logs killed entities, such as killed cows and enderman.
    entity-kills: true
    # Logs text on signs. If disabled, signs will be blank when rolled back.
    sign-text: false
    # Logs lava and water sources placed/removed by players who are using buckets.
    buckets: true
    # Logs natural tree leaf decay.
    leaf-decay: false
    # Logs tree growth. Trees are linked to the player who planted the sappling.
    tree-growth: false
    # Logs mushroom growth.
    mushroom-growth: false
    # Logs natural vine growth.
    vine-growth: false
    # Logs when portals such as Nether portals generate naturally.
    portals: false
    # Logs water flow. If water destroys other blocks, such as torches,
    # this allows it to be properly rolled back.
    water-flow: false
    # Logs lava flow. If lava destroys other blocks, such as torches,
    # this allows it to be properly rolled back.
    lava-flow: false
    # Allows liquid to be properly tracked and linked to players.
    # For example, if a player places water which flows and destroys torches,
    # it can all be properly restored by rolling back that single player.
    liquid-tracking: true
    # Track item transactions, such as when a player takes items from a
    # chest, furnace, or dispenser. Necessary for any item based rollbacks.
    item-transactions: true
    # Track player interactions, such as when a player opens a door, presses
    # a button, or opens a chest. Player interactions can't be rolled back.
    player-interactions: true
    # Logs messages that players send in the chat.
    player-messages: false
    # Logs all commands used by players.
    player-commands: false
    # Logs the logins and logouts of players.
    player-sessions: false
    # Logs when a player changes their Minecraft username.
    username-changes: true
    # Logs changes made via the plugin "WorldEdit" if it's in use on your server.
    worldedit: false
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