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    Hi there,

    - Suggested name = Copy creature

    - My request : Be able to copy an existing creature in the world and paste it with a different name (not a classic rename, but a "structure rename") (maybe a new egg ? I don't know). A new entity, but with the same skin and behavior.

    - Screenshot :


    - Reason of my request : I use the command /lagg killmobs from clear lag plugin for my server (for reduce lag). The plugin allow to use its filter for keep alive specific mobs or creature (we just have to write their name in the filter). But it's not exactly what I want. I would like kill all the mob or creature of their category EXCEPT the ones I chose ; for example I would like that the command /lag killmobs kill all the cows except the one I chose. But for that, the two "cows" need to have 2 different names, or ID (I'm not sure of that) you see ? (Clear lag kill "cow", and I use the filter for "cow2")

    - What I already tried : Rename the cow I chose with a name tag, rename the cow with a classic plugin for rename creature, Nbtedit (I'm not sure if it's possible to change the name, or the ID of a mob with this tool), command from World edit (/butcher with arguments, but not possible to filter creature it seems). A second Idea : I saw that tamed wolf aren't delete following the command /lagg killmobs, so maybe there is a way to apply this "tamed status" on other creature ? I don't know..

    I think this request can be interesting because everyday we can see more and more mods/plugins on all the server, and honestly OP have to clear the creature, mobs and entities for prevent crash. But kill absolutely all is a little sad I think, I'm sure someone would like keep his "Bobby" pig for example or his "Dafy" chicken, you see :) ?

    Thanks for your return ♥.

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