Cops (One That Works :D)

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by PENGUllN, Aug 16, 2015.

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    Plugin category: Fun/General

    Suggested name: CopMode

    What I want: I have recently seen more and more GTA based server on minecraft todate!
    and none of them have a plugin that allows you with certain permissions to become a cop/police officer so I'm asking that if one of you out there could make !WORKING! Cop plugin what the basic plugin should have

    *A command to toggle cop mode on and off

    *A way to detect when a player kills another player so that a cop in cop mode can type the command eg /wanted so see all wanted players in a ordered list

    *a command where the cop can type eg /wanted target [Player] <- player being a currently wanted player where the cop is given a compass that tracks where the target player is

    *Wanted Players on death lose there wanted status

    *A type of Stat Command to see how many player they have successfully killed that are wanted

    Ideas for commands: /Cop (Toggle On And Off)
    /wanted list
    /wanted target [Player]
    /cop stats

    Ideas for permissions: copmode.cops.cop

    When I'd like it by: I mean your the experts so I wont rush you
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    @PENGUllN thats a good idea . I'll take a try but I'll create a 2 data files such as
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    Nice idea, it can be improved via serversings. Please make /cop aviable from the console, like /cop username123.
    So it will be possible to set delays using serversign and doing alot of stuff with it
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    I Mean only players should be able to /cop
    console cannot become a cop :D?
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    if @MaxGenre isnt working on this, i should be able to get it done pretty quickly. i need to know one thing though, how does a player become wanted???
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    @ximsilentx The player becomes wanted when he kills another player
    and when wanted player gets killed by lets say cop his wanted lv is removed and thing else just ask
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