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    Plugin category: Escaping a prison

    Suggested name: CopsAndRobbers

    What I want: So, There are no cops and robbers plugins i've been looking forever and i'm not the biggest guinus in redstone. So I was thinking of a plugin for it you would set the cells and if a cop leaves the world a random prisonor is selected to be the cop now. There can be a configurable amount of cops but infinite amount of robbers at a time. And I want to be compatible with scoreboard because I want it to list Number of kills, deaths, and coins (you get 500 coins from escaping each escape and 10 for a kill) I also want a shop you only have in the death spawn not in the actual arena so you can buy kits for prisoners in the shop for coins like 1000-10000 for 1 thing sence its so easy to get coins. Also for the kitchen I don't want the food to ever go away. Like in each chest theres infinite food but people can take some but it restores. Also I only want players to have 10 of and type of food total at a time.
    Last thing I wanted was cell teleportation signs. I wanted them to look like this


    Ideas for commands:
    /car help (For help)
    /car set kitchenchest (Use worldedit to select 1 block and type this to set it so random infinite food is placed inside)
    /car set cell1 (Up to infinite cells just keep going with like /car set cell2, /car set cell3 etc.)
    /car set escapepad (Stand on a pressure pad and type this to set the pad a play must stand on to broadcast the message (player name) Has escaped the prison! Congrats (player name)! I also want this message to only be seen in the copsandrobbers world.
    /car setlobby (Where people go when killed by a cop
    /car setcop (When a random prisoner is selected to be cop he/she goes here)
    /car create (Use worldedit to select a region and make it so these spots created from the commands above can only be set in this region (command optional))
    /car cop equip (open a chest GUI and you place what you want the cop to have when he/she gets selected (armor get put on player automatically))
    /car set coptime (set max amount of time for a player to be a cop in minutes)
    Ideas for permissions: (To use /car help)
    car.join.cell(#) (Permission to warp to specific cell)
    car.join.* (Permission to warp to all cells)
    car.admin (All admin permissions Example: /car set coptime and /car setcop and /car setlobby and /car set escapepad and /car set cell(#) and /car create (Arena name) and /car cop equip

    When I'd like it by: April 30th 2014 - May 10th 2014 (if totally needed take as much time as you want :D This is just preferred i'll take any timing)
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    I am also looking for this, but the Cops And Robbers plugin I saw on BukkitDev is A FAIL AND USELESS. :(
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    Yes, I am sure many people are looking for something like this. I agree the plugin on BukkitDev SUCKS! This could save much time and become a huge hit because many have it but they spend hours on redstone because of lack of plugin issues.
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    This plugin would take days

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