converting to bukkit, or starting a completely new server?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by crayonsoup, Jul 7, 2011.

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    Okay. Here's the deal:

    I have an existing server. The regular kind that you get from and everything. I've had it for about a month or less. With that server I used the minecraft_server application to run it. Everything was going smoothly. Then my friend wanted me to get a bukkit server. Question here: is getting bukkit converting the existing server or is it creating a new server in which having a different ip address is required to run the bukkit server instead of a regular server? Now, I already downloaded everything needed to run the bukkit and everything. I have file RUN.bat. Is this what I use to run the bukkit server? Because I dropped the minecraft_server application into the bukkit folder I made because that's what I used to run the old/other(?) server. When I run RUN.bat, there is no way to get on the server. It says Logging In... or Connecting to Server... But when I run the minecraft_server application, everything works fine, EXCEPT that none of the plugins that I installed worked (It's like it doesn't know it's a bukkit server or something). I figure there's a difference when running these two separate files to start the server, but neither work properly. Another question: which file/application do I run to run the server. If it is the RUN.bat file, how come it is not working? When the black box comes up, nothing indicates that there is a problem with the file. Should I delete the minecraft_server application for it to run properly? Do I need to do more port stuff and find a new ip for the bukkit server to run on or will it just be a conversion and use the same ip?

    Plugin deal:

    I've searched through the plugins here and found some I liked. I've tried to install some using youtube tutorials as a guide. They say to install the .jar and put it in the plugins folder (I didn't have one so I made one). Then they said to edit the server properties file and add a line called plugins=(then all the plugins names). I did this then saved it. I ran the .bat file and saw that only a few plugins were recognized and enabled. Question here: How do I fix this? I've found that some require permissions or something to run them. Another Question: What is permissions and how do I install it? Do I need to have it to run the plugins?

    Thanks for reading and I hope to get a reply. Some of these things may seem like a no-brainer to more experienced people, but I'm just starting and would like some answers. :)
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    I had the same questions when I started out, I'll try to answer them. I know you tried your best but your post is a little confusing, but its expected.

    The run.bat should be activating the craftbukkit-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar. Your existing vanilla minecraft server will have no more use if you decide to use bukkit. Once you activate the bukkit server should create all of the files like the plugins folder, a world, server properties and logs etc. I think the ip's should stay the same, mine didn't change at all. Also don't write your ip in the server-properties, leave it blank (you'll see what I mean).

    About your plugins, you simply take the jar and put it into your plugins folder. I dunno about the plugins= thing, maybe thats was used in an old version of bukkit because I've never heard of plugins=. Most plugins use Permissions, but don't need it. Bukkit plugins only work with a bukkit server.

    Permissions is a plugin that defines groups and what the group can do. Then you place players into the groups. The setup is a little hard for newbies, as there are about a million PAHMISSIONS HALP threads created everyday (some of which are not real problems, just the poster being ignorant). I'll gladly help you setup Permissions, given you attempt to learn it yourself first.

    Hope that helped :D
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    This helped a lot, thanks! But why shouldn't I enter the server ip to the server-properties? I deleted the 'vanilla' server stuff and also deleted everything except the bukkit .jar file and the run.bat file and let it reopen and do its thing. I got the plugins folder like it was supposed to have before, so that's different and good. I let it all unpack in the black box but when I try to log in, it just says connecting to server again...

    Ohhh okay, thanks for explaining the plugin thing. I bet it was just an outdated way to do it.

    Thank you!
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    Did you type localhost to connect to your own server?
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    I.. have no idea what you mean by that haha
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    When you click multiplayer it gives you a box to type the ip of the server you want to join. But if you are the server host, you can type "localhost" without quotes to enter your own server. Try using localhost to connect to your server instead.
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    Oh wow, never knew I could do that. Yes! It works! So did the ip change or something? Will other players be able to connect?

    Also, you said you could help me with permissions. The RENAME-ME folder isn't letting me rename it the name of my world... I understand everything else though. Sorry for the bother!

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    No lady, it does not change the IP adress. It listens to everything as does vanilla if you leave ip-adress blank.
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    also if you want to bring over your world save the world file then when you start the bukkit serve let it create a world file then replace it with your old

    also if i get the permission to create my server starter pack you would have goten all these questions answered

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    What do you mean? Just right click the folder and rename it.
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    I'm gettin the hang of all of it now. Thanks for all your help.

    ...When a member tries to log on it says connecting to server... i can get on, but only me because i'm using localhost

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    I'm just now joining the discussion, but it was TLDR, so
    Do you know if you have forwarded the port you are using to the correct IP address? yes or no, ill show you how.
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    i forwarded the port from the last server. but not recently, no. and i dont remember how.
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    Try going to Internet Explorer or something, and in the Address Bar where you type websites, putting, does something come up?
    If not, we have to find out your router/gateway's IP address
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    yeah a purple page
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    Just purple?? If it had a bunch of unimportant router nonsense, we're in the right place! It may have a place called port forwarding/triggering as a tab, or it may be called something like Applications/Gaming or maybe port access? Do you see this?
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    oh. yes! applications and gaming tab.
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    OK before doing anything else, do this. Open up command promt, usually by going to Start and typing in cmd, run as Administrator if you can.
    type this in there:
    then something like this would come up:
    Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection:
    Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :
    IPv6 Address. . . . . . . . . . . : 2002:467b:a0b1:0:80f3:a98a:d76c:655a
    Temporary IPv6 Address. . . . . . : 2002:467b:a0b1:0:3d7a:14e6:2f8:956d
    Link-local IPv6 Address . . . . . : fe80::80f3:a98a:d76c:655a%11
    IPv4 Address. . . . . . . . . . . :
    Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . :
    Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . : fe80::6a7f:74ff:fead:84c9%11
    i need you to tell me what IPv4 Address says, the one listed as .5 in the example.
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    Jared Ledvina

    Ok I can try to help here. First I am assuming you are using Windows 7. Second its seems you have your bukkit jar file in a folder with your created .bat file that will run the server. What you should have done is with only those too files in the folder ran the .bat. If this is what you did GREAT JOB. Now you need to determine a few things.

    1st Find out you server's IP Address
    To do this go to And write that done exactly as it is shown on the top of the page.

    2nd you need to find the local IP address of your router
    To do this click the start button -> Type "cmd" (without the quotes) -> and then in the command prompt box that should open up type ipconfig

    Then you are looking for you Gateway Address. This is the ip address of your local router. ALSO write down the server ip address (this is its local one)
    Once you have this write this down and then type it into your web browser (usually doesn't matter which web browser you are using)

    THEN you need to find the routers port forwarding section.
    You will need to basically name the port forward you are doing. THis is for your reference and then type in the server's ip address and the port you will want to forward in 25565 (the default minecraft server port)

    You then want you friends to just type in your IP address that you got from

    Did this help you out?
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    ok its says
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    Go to Applications and Gaming, then go to Port Range Forwarding, and add exactly this:

    then hit enable
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    so which ip do i type into the browser? and which ip will the server be?
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    The server will be a completely different IP that we haven't figured out yet, did you forward the port yet?
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    ok pyraetos, setting are successful?
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    ok, now search on google what is my ip and do one of the websites, they tell you your IP address, and thats what people can use to log in, but we arent done yet.
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    ok. got it.
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    and this is your external ip address, 192.* is internal, so, yeah

    ok now make sure in your port is set to 25565

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    ok its still not working. the server ip is the external ip address correct? my friend is trying to log in and he cant get in.

    sorry didnt see your last post

    ok. yes, 25565 is set.

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    ok, yes the server ip people need to use is the external one. Can you log in with the external one? Can you log in with localhost?

    Do you know if you've openined port 25565 in firewall yet?
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    i can log in with localhost. not with the ip.

    "Do you know if you've openined port 25565 in firewall yet?" what??
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