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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by craftersins, Jan 19, 2011.

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    I wrote a small program to convert the cuboidAreas.dat to regions.txt (for use with WorldGuard).
    I can't post the sourcecode yet, cause I think its not the way I want it yet.

    01/21/2011: Updated for basic error output, e.g. file missing error. (Version 0.2)
    01/21/2011: Relative path now fixed, willystylee found that bug I think. (Version 0.3)
    01/23/2011: Group support added. (Version 0.3.1)
    Version 0.5
    - Switched to cuboid.2 format.
    - Added farewell, welcome message conversion.
    - Added owner, members conversion.

    Howto use:
    Extract the zip which holds the cuboids folder and the cubetoguard.jar.
    The jar and the folder must be in the same folder(obvious).
    Copy your cuboidAreas.dat(must be exactly this name, case included)
    into the cuboids folder.
    Run the cubetoguard.jar.
    You should have your regions.txt in the main folder.
    Enjoy :3

    If you experience problems...
    I will still convert all your files on request and demand.
    You can either post your file here in public or send me with a pm.

    Some informations:
    I will not support any flags like (permit, restrict etc.) yet, just the blank protected area and allowed names.
    I only accept the .dat format yet. Not the old .txt format of cuboid.
    Hope I can help some people out :3

    I will keep the converter updated with the WorldGuard functions, if restriction or welcome,farewell and the rest of the features is available.

    If moderators or admins think its not appropriate, or there already is a public tool, just inform me about it.

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    I'll post a link to this topic on the WG thread.
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    Thanks a bunch :)
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    Where does the Regions.txt document go to use it in worldguard?
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    The regions.txt goes into the plugins/WorldGuard folder.
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    Thank you very much, I only have one question.

    How does it handle the conversion in terms of if a zone is within a zone " region is within a region" as it works a little differently then cuboid did.
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    I only wrote the converter, details about WorldGuard can be found on the wiki. Especially this WorldGuard/Commands could be of interest for you.
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    Thanks I have looked at that a while ago but it should be ok since you dont convert the flags thats not a problem as in worldguard flags have to set per region they dont get them from a master zone so to speak like cuboid did when you have a smaller zone withing a larger zone.

    Thanks again for this converter is sure saves us some time.
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    Thanks a lot for this! This will save us tons of trouble and time when going back to our real map on the server.
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    wait, i extracted the rar with the cuboids folder and the jar into my bukkit server folder, copied my cuboidAreas.dat file into the cuboid folder, double clicked the jar and it made regions.txt but when i open it, it was blank... i also tried putting the jar into the cuboids folder and double clicking the jar, and it made another blank regions.txt too... what am i doing wrong?
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    Try again in a clean setup using the latest version (redownload).
    Extract it somewhere else instead of the server folder,
    put the cuboidAreas.dat in the cuboids folder then.
    The converter definately works, a friend tested it on his mac as well.
    If it still does not work, I can convert it for you.
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    Works great for me. It converted 530 cubiod zones just now. All seem to be working fine with WorldGuard and bukkit! craftersins thank you very much for this. I hope 'worldguard' supports 'welcome' and 'farewell' messages like cuboid did. If it does someday, can you adjust your 'converter' to make these messages available as well? Thanks!
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    Sure I'll do that. I am happy to help some people out :)
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    Allright, I make some more options available in the converter soon. Thanks for the link.
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    Just wanted to say : I approve of this converter. Good job !
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    This works tho id like to know to who the regions are protected?

    I as admin can destroy and place blocks everywhere but my players cant do anything anywhere.
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    Well, the protections aren't changed, if they were protected with cuboid before they are protected with WorldGuard.
    The converter does not change any settings (per player), though you might have set some groups for the region, I will look into it and support it. Expect an update soon.

    [Update] Redownload, group support added.
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    Ait cool, Thanks!
  20. Wow, this is a very nice work, thanks a bunch! Will save me a shitload of time!

    Does WorldGuard support to disallow creeper explosions/monster spawns (cuboid-toggles creeper & sanctuary) or will support? just curious, if i can set those options later.
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    It allows global and region specific creeper explosion nerf, monster spawns can't be disabled yet afaik, but you can disable monster damage.
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    Thank you for this! life saver.
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    So sweet, thanks a lot!
    Was wondering if you could add support to convert the different flags though. Like no-pvp, creepernerf and sanctuary.
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    Wow, this is great, a real lifesaver for my server and it's 330 zones ^^.

    Just one thing, the converter seems to have worked and I'm able to edit all zones - except those that were added to zones using Cuboid report that they're now unable to edit them. In case you have any ideas I've uploaded my cuboidAreas.dat and the regions.txt it generates, cheers.
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    I don't really get the problem, what is Cuboid report and how were they added?
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    I'm a mod on the server he is talking about, and here's what I've noticed:
    The zones seem to have reset. By that, zones zoned to myself (my city zone) have either vanished or simply allowed everyone to build/destroy in them. Other zones restrict everyone from building/destroying in them. I stlll need to try editing the suspect zones, but they are acting weird.
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    Tony Grosinger

    Can this be used to move a cuboid from one map on hey0 to another map on bukkit?
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    Yes, this is the purpose of the program. Convert existing hey0 cuboids to the WorldGuard plugin.
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    Hmm. When I used it I converted from CuboidAreas.dat to regions.txt but all I ended up with was a file saying the locations on the map of the cuboids. Did I do something wrong?
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    Nope, regions.txt has the locations, those can be used with WorldGuard.
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