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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by troguy, Jun 12, 2011.

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    With a few friends I'm currently setting up a new Bukkit SMP. We use essentials as the base for most of our mods, and therefore GroupManager for permission control. We are on the most recent version of craftbukkit at the moment (currently 818).

    One of the major problems I'm having is finding a way of setting a seperate spawn point for first time visitors of the server, a sort of holding area for them to read important info before having to register on our site to enter the server for real, and therefore transfer to the standard spawn point.

    I've tried which seemed like a perfect solution, however seems to be only compatible with the permissions mod, which I've tried to use, however is far more complicated than group manager, and proved next to impossible for me to set up. SpawnControl is also for 803, so I tried it hoping it would work with 818.

    Does anyone know a similar mod for bukkit that would fit my requirements, or a work around that would do the same? Or even that this mod does work with group manager, and I'm just being stupid [​IMG]

    Thank you!
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    Spawn Control is really the best option, I suggest you learn how to set up permissions (its not that hard, plenty of people including me can help you).
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