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    Hello Devs,

    I haven't seen this as a plugin yet, but it seems the concept would be really easy to implement as it doesn't require using many hooks.

    Basically the plugin should implement a configurable countdown timer that can be directed at an individual user, groups, or the whole server.

    In the future it should be expanded to include "Dynamic" sets of users, such as those that run a command to show that they are included in the countdown.

    The timer should implement the countdown to the client screen, but only sending the countdown to appropriate parties involved so that non participants are not "Spammed" if they have no reason to see it. Also it should give warnings towards the end of the "Contest" / "Exam" / "Test" and give the final countdown from 10,9,8,... etc.

    This mechanism could be used for performing exams and contests with one or many players.

    Server Mods and Admins could also use this to stage "Amazing Race" style tournaments.. or before giving a player building rights or extra capabilities they would have to pass an exam of some type.. for example a basic exam to show they understand how to play. Ie. You have 5 minutes to create a crafting table, a shovel, a pickaxe, and 10 each of dirt, sand and cobblestone. The plug in doesn't have to do anything but provide the countdown mechanic so that there is a defined time allotment for tasks.

    Ideas for some of the possible commands, and how the could be implemented.

    /countdown create Exam
    /countdown time Exam 360
    /countdown begin Exam Your test begins now.
    /countdown end Exam Time is up.. let's see how you did.
    /countdown 600 everyone
    /countdown 360 someplayer
    /countdown Exam someplayer

    I hope someone likes this idea and runs with it.

    Thanks for your time!

    Richard Graver
  2. I love the idea and i would if i had access to the software
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  4. found it ty gonna start on it but not v expereirnced (might take some time) also it seems that if i upload my work onto fill t the moment i wont get control on it because im not a developer but as im not v experienced i dont want to apply to become one ?

    dilema much

    anyway ty

    Ive taken this project on
    Ive got it to work with giving yourself a countdown

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