console freezing after (bad)key (char) pressed

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by oglop, Aug 12, 2011.

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    Hello i have problem with console it freezing when I press some keys
    such as: +ěščřžýáíé
    I have czech keyboard layout, but it happend to me when I changed to eng. layout and pressed something
    server running
    I'm typing commands
    everything ok
    Now I misstyped some of +ěščřžýá instead of numbers (shift+123456)
    then I get error => I can write into console anymore, but server still running
    error and console:
    23:35:05 [INFO] Disconnecting Player [/IP.IP.IP.IP:10283]: Outdated client!
    23:36:32 [INFO] Player [/IP.IP.IP.IP:10296] logged in with entity id 34726 at ([world] -8.5, 64.62000000476837, -8.5)
    23:36:56 [SEVERE] null invalid UTF-8 first byte: -71
    at jline.UnixTerminal$ReplayPrefixOneCharInputStream.setInputUTF8(
    at jline.UnixTerminal$ReplayPrefixOneCharInputStream.setInput(
    at jline.UnixTerminal.readVirtualKey(
    at jline.ConsoleReader.readVirtualKey(
    at jline.ConsoleReader.readBinding(
    at jline.ConsoleReader.readLine(
    23:39:26 [INFO] Connection reset
    23:39:26 [INFO] Player lost connection: disconnect.quitting

    say asi to (and there I not able to write anymore)

    (sorry if it is spamming I posted it into bugs already)
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