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Discussion in 'Bukkit News' started by Dinnerbone, Feb 25, 2011.

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    That's amazing. Gonna make my friends running vanilla jelly.

    It all works over SSH, right?
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    In the shell, type
    screen -r
    And you'll be in the console.
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    Nathan C

    My console seems to be the same size, with no bigger scroll area. Also I do not see any colors in console.

    EDIT: Arrow keys make the screen flash gray...... Also the history I believe is just a feature of Putty already.

    EDIT EDIT: There is also time stamps in the log, I noticed.

    Am I supposed to get ChatBukkit?

    Debian 5 x64

    CraftBukkit #447
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    Sorry but I believe I have the right version... My .bat file dosen't do anything and the .jar doesn't do anything. Do I need to remove 'nogui' from the .bat file?
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    This is good, except for one thing...

    Is there any plans for some sort of tool that can administer the server if you are not hosting it? Like a console that connects over the net.
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    I still can't see the ">" or anything I type in the console.

    I'm using CentOS5, CB 446, MC 1.3, with Putty and a Linux Screen
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    Been waiting for scroll-down / scroll-up for ages. (Gotta say I actually play quite regulary, but since it's the first days of the server its quite a lot of building to do after all.)

    But yeah, FINALLY I can actually scroll up text and actually expect to be able to see what have been written rather than checking the damn logs all the time.

    Currently running... uhm

    Debian, some version probably 5 atm.
    (Currently running latest recommended build)
    Evidently MC 1.3, Putty / ssh, depends what computer I'm on really, since quite often I rather work from my linux comp to my server rather than my gaming comp ( Winblows )

    Honestly I would change it in a minute if I understood _ANYTHING_ from the graphical within linux, but waaay too many years behind console :\
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    Nathan C

    Edit: Damn, why doesen't mine work. I really want those features lol.
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    Looking damn good. I was using tmux, then just entering copy pasta mode to scroll up and down. This is much better. You win again.
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    I apologize if this is a stupid question, but where do I grab this new version of bukkit? The wiki still displays the release date as the 21st.
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    Dinnerbone Bukkit Team Member

    Ignore the date. It's always the latest version.
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    that just made my day.
    I'm happy for now.
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    Thank you! I'm quite excited to try these new features out.
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    Please "grope" grep :)
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    I'm really sorry for this, but where do I actually download it from? I can't find a link anywhere?
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    This is awesome. I don't care much for colors but finally seeing what I type, editing it and history is really appreciated!
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    Link to the latest craftbukkit is in the wiki
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    I tried some of the latest ones and they don't seem to work =/

    After I run it the cmd window does nothing.

    The only message I get is
    " C:\Users\*myname*\Desktop\Server Minecraft>java -Xms3072M -Xmx3072M -jar craftbukkit-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar"

    then nothing...
    I noticed a "recommended" one ( build 440 ) and that one works fine, and I tried 446,447 and 450 none of them do anything.

    Using W7. ( if that's some kind of info you need )
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    im on the latest buil but its normal for me :/
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    Nathan C

    Yeh, the new update that they say doesn't do anything for me either. [​IMG]
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    It's nice, but know when I type characters like "é" or "à" (I'm french) it doesn't work. For example, if I type "é" the first time, nothing is displayed, if I type "é" a second time it displays "?". It's very annoying, because it worked before.
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    It said the colors were unix only I think, are you running the server on a unix computer?
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    hey umm im having this problem, im using bukkit build 445 and whenever i login i fall after about 2 minutes than im on a small chunk of land and about 2 more minutes it becomes a little bigger eventually it just stops loading the chunks and whenever i get near the borders of the non loaded area i lag also whenever i talk i cant see it and its quite delayed but if i look on the console im talking right away, same with other people, can anyone help me out?
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    Why would you be using bukkit or build 445?

    Also remove all of your plugins from whatever you are running and see if it still happens.
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    Windows can have colors too! Just edit the .bat you run to start the server and stick some colors in there before line of code that starts the server XD
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    rchgrav sorry i ment craft bukkit build 445 im trying the reccomended one now and im deleting all my plugins ill tell you if it works
    *edit* nope same problem
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    My Hero,

    *Dreamy eyes*
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    This sounds like a really cool idea... but what am I supposed to do about all of my wrappers and scripts that back up my system, automated mapping, cron jobs, etc? When (very briefly) trying this new console it seems to completely ruin months worth of work I put into automation of my server. (Tons of scripts that interact with flippehs multiplexer, Rtoolkit, etc)

    I have to admit I haven't done extensive testing... but in my current configuration it seems to completely freeze my console without any interaction at all.

    It sounds like it would be really nice for someone using an unwrapped console, but what about automated systems like mine? Will there be any compatibility problems or will I need to scrap everything? I really like my mapping and backup to be independent of the version of craftbukkit.jar or minecraft_server.jar.

    Can you please also consider retaining the original console and make this new console an option passed to the jar on launch? (or vice versa would be fine also I suppose if you really feel this should be a default.)

    Thanks for your consideration on this request.

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    Code: Cannot run program "sh": error=12, Cannot allocate memory
        at java.lang.ProcessBuilder.start(
        at java.lang.Runtime.exec(
        at java.lang.Runtime.exec(
        at jline.UnixTerminal.exec(
        at jline.UnixTerminal.exec(
        at jline.UnixTerminal.stty(
        at jline.UnixTerminal.initializeTerminal(
        at jline.Terminal.setupTerminal(
        at jline.Terminal.getTerminal(
        at jline.ConsoleReader.<init>(
        at jline.ConsoleReader.<init>(
        at jline.ConsoleReader.<init>(
        at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.<init>(
        at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.main(
        at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.Main.main(
    Caused by: error=12, Cannot allocate memory
        at java.lang.UNIXProcess.<init>(
        at java.lang.ProcessImpl.start(
        at java.lang.ProcessBuilder.start(
        ... 14 more
    It gives me that error even though it runs fine

    Running Ubuntu 10.10 with CraftBukkit #450
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