Connection Timed Out : Can't connect to my own server

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by CryADsisAM, Aug 16, 2011.

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    Connection Timed Out: Can't connect to my own server
    Just yesterday I could connect to my server. My server runs in offline mod. Me and my friend play on it LAN.
    Today I tried connecting to my server but it gave me "Connection timed out" error.
    Minecraft doesn't even detect my server anymore. I checked my IP twice but it still gave me
    "Connection timed out". I checked my server. My server didn't even notice that I tried to connect
    to it. I've tried changing some settings. Nothing worked. I manually set the IP of the server in
    "" but it still didn't work.

    I thought there's something wrong with minecraft. But my friend can't connect either. Then I tried
    downloading craftbukkit again. Did a fresh installation. But still didn't fix it. :(

    I am not running any plugins.

    My "" file:
    #Minecraft server properties
    #Thu Jul 28 10:56:59 CEST 2011
    BTW: This is my first thread. If you need any other information to solve this just tell me. Don't forget to check the attached screenshot.

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    I am also having this issue.
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    The Problem is there is no error. Server doesn't even notice that I tried connecting to it. It is like the IP is wrong. Like the server is running with a different IP. But the IP always worked. Why doesn't work now ? I checked everything about the server and it says its running on my IP on port 25565.

    I'll check that checklist thingy. I will report if it works. Thanks for help.
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    There doesn't have to be any error at all. Most likely, the problem is a closed port on your router or your firewall. The client (the one who joins) will get the error, while the server 'console' doesn't give one. Try my guide/checklist (link in other post). If you've completed that steps it will most likely work. By the way, did you leave IP blank in it should be left blank or your server won't work.
    Hope my guide can help.
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    I think something else is wrong. Not craftbukkit or minecraft. I noticed that my friend can't see me on LAN on every damn game. We play Minecraft, SWAT 4, and L4D2 etc... It all worked before. Now they don't anymore. I was usually the one hosting servers. We always saw each other on LAN. But today nothing works anymore.

    All I know before this problem started I installed ESET Smart Security anti-virus. Can anti-virus be the problem?

    Its probably the firewall I guess. I'll check right now.

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    Ever since i updated to CB 1060, this has been happening all night on and off, it's not consistent and happens with out any plugins.
    I wish I could give more information but it is just like every hour or so, people can't connect and server side in the console it just shows IP:pORT lost connection, for every user who trys connecting.
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    Funny thing is. Me and my friend do see each other on windows explorer. But we don't when playing games. I can see my friend's server btw. But he doesn't see mine.
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    Still ain't working. I hope I won't have to reinstall windows to fix this. :(
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    SOLVED. It was the antivirus. Just had to shut it down to connect to my server.
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    r u joking? ur ip isnt entered
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    wait can you teach me what you did? i have the same problem!! please explain
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    It was ESET. Its damn firewall was blocking me to connect anywhere. I just disabled firewall.
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    If no IP is supplied, Bukkit will resolve the blank IP to the loopback address. Using has the same result.

    If you have a firewall, I highly reccomend you run it. The more security you have on a server machine, public or not, is the better option.

    I'm not familiar with this particular firewall, but commonly you can edit the settings of the firewall to allow the server's port to be accessed by machines on your network.
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