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    I wrote a quick class that can load and save headers for any option or section in your bukkit config.
      # Economy settings are in dollars.
      # Enable to hook with vault
        enabled: false
        currency: dollars
      # A value that decides how old you are
      x: 15
      y: 33
      z: 12
    It can load a config file and obtain its per-option headers, as well as being able to save it.
    this way you can have more detailed config files without having to replace them every time the original version changes.
    Source code of Configuration.java

    Loading the config
    1. File file = new File(getDataFolder(), "config.yml");
    2. Configuration config = new Configuration(file);
    3. config.reload(); // Load settings from file

    Applying headers
    1. config.header("settings.economy",
    2. "Economy settings are in dollars",
    3. "Donald trump is rich");
    5. List<String> economyHeader = config.header("settings.economy");

    Saving the config
    1. config.save();
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