Configurable passive skills (potion effect, permissions, etc)

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Aronix12, Nov 16, 2019.

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    The general idea is that I would like to have a plugin that allows me to configure and create my own passive abilities that I can give to a player with a single permission node. Like the crackshot plugin, but without an item. I'd be content if they were only able to yield potion effects, but I would love if they could give temporary permissions, or even allow more active abilities / attacks that are always attached to the player as long as they have the permission. Here's the kicker... I want this plugin compatible for a 1.7.10 build server

    First of all, I would like a number if different events that could activate abilities:
    - attacking
    - successfully hitting
    - being hit (maybe from different damage sources too??)
    - breaking block
    - placing block
    - standing on or being inside a certain kind of block (standing on dirt, being in water)
    - accessing an inventory
    - jumping
    - sprinting
    - specific keybinds in general if possible? (walk forward, crouch, open inventory, drop item, etc)
    - a list of allowed and disallowed held items while performing the ability (whether you need a sword, or can only use it when not holding anything)

    Secondly I want the abilities to cover a few things
    - mostly potion effects... ex: get hit by <damage source here> then receive <potion effect> for <x> ticks

    - would be amazing if potion effects can intensify each time the passive was activated before the previous effect wore off. (getting hit gives speed 1 for 20 ticks, getting hit again after 12 ticks would result in gaining speed 2 for 20 ticks etc.) or the potion effect would get weaker each time.

    - temporarily giving, or even removing a permission for <x> ticks, then restoring the player to previous permissions before the ability.

    - and if possible, just copy and paste crackshot plugin code and modify it so shooting is just the activation required. no ammo no firearm action or scope or sneak, just the actual firing of a projectile, and the properties it can have. headshot backstab explosions etc.

    Obviously this is a lot, and I'm happy if we could just get potion effects upon just simple activation sources, but if anyone is ambitious enough to take up the rest of the idea I would love that.
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    If you want these effects to be applied on specefic items then theres a plugin named Advanced item effects
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    I'm looking for effects to happen on player events and actions, not items. that was just an idea suggestion. overall the idea is to have powers attached to your player simply through permissions
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    *BUMP* all I need in the end is potion effects due to passive causes, like crouching, touching certain blocks, taking damage, etc.
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