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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Fedmand, Dec 29, 2013.

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    Hello there,

    I have some problems with a config variable not loading :(
    This is where i load it:
    World world1 = Bukkit.getWorld(getConfig().getString("worlds.hub"));
    (which is also the place where the console error sends me for a "nullPointer")

    This is what my config.yml looks like:
      hub: build
      arenas: Jetpack
    The config file is created inside onEnable:
    The config file is created like i want it to with the Defaults there and everything.

    Everything seems perfect to me :(
    But apparently it isn't. I get a nullPointer at:
    World world1 = Bukkit.getWorld(getConfig().getString("worlds.hub"));
    like i said before. Do you guys know what I'm doing wrong?
    Thank you so much!
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    Did you create "worlds:" in the config as a section? If so, you need to use
    If that's not the case, then I'm not sure what's wrong with it.
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    Fedmand Are you doing the World world1 = Bukkit.getWorld() inside of your onEnable(); ? You can't assign a world to a variable if Bukkit itself isn't enabled yet (which means doing Bukkit.getWorld() won't return a world, but isntead null)
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    I put the "World world1 = Bukkit.getWorld()" below onEnable. Is that okay or does it have to be inside? I've already tried inside and that didn't work out either :(

    I am doing it like:

    worlds: hub: {worldName}
    arenas: {worldName}
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    Fedmand You have to initialize it inside of onEnable(), you can't exactly get a world before Bukkit has gotten the world into it, can you?
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    I've initialized them inside onEnable() now and I'll quickly find the result

    Okay. The plugin obviously loaded this time. The nullPointer now happens when i try to use the variables.
    This is what i have above onEnable():
    World world1;
    World world;
    Location lobby;
    Location spectate;
    Location spawn1;
    Location spawn2;
    Location spawn3;
    Location spawn4;
    Location spawn5;
    Location spawn6;
    Location spawn7;
    Location spawn8;
    Location spawn9;
    Location spawn10;
    And inside onEnable():
    world1 = Bukkit.getWorld(getConfig().getString("worlds.hub"));
    world = Bukkit.getWorld(getConfig().getString("worlds.arenas"));
    lobby = new Location(world, getConfig().getDouble("lobby..x"),
    getConfig().getDouble("lobby.y"), getConfig().getDouble(
    spectate = new Location(world,
    getConfig().getDouble("16:1.spectate.x"), getConfig()
    .getDouble("16:1.spectate.y"), getConfig().getDouble(
    spawn1 = new Location(world, getConfig().getDouble("16:1.spawn1.x"),
    getConfig().getDouble("16:1.spawn1.y"), getConfig().getDouble(
    spawn2 = new Location(world, getConfig().getDouble("16:1.spawn2.x"),
    getConfig().getDouble("16:1.spawn2.y"), getConfig().getDouble(
    spawn3 = new Location(world, getConfig().getDouble("16:1.spawn3.x"),
    getConfig().getDouble("16:1.spawn3.y"), getConfig().getDouble(
    spawn4 = new Location(world, getConfig().getDouble("16:1.spawn4.x"),
    getConfig().getDouble("16:1.spawn4.y"), getConfig().getDouble(
    spawn5 = new Location(world, getConfig().getDouble("16:1.spawn5.x"),
    getConfig().getDouble("16:1.spawn5.y"), getConfig().getDouble(
    spawn6 = new Location(world, getConfig().getDouble("16:1.spawn6.x"),
    getConfig().getDouble("16:1.spawn6.y"), getConfig().getDouble(
    spawn7 = new Location(world, getConfig().getDouble("16:1.spawn7.x"),
    getConfig().getDouble("16:1.spawn7.y"), getConfig().getDouble(
    spawn8 = new Location(world, getConfig().getDouble("16:1.spawn8.x"),
    getConfig().getDouble("16:1.spawn8.y"), getConfig().getDouble(
    spawn9 = new Location(world, getConfig().getDouble("16:1.spawn9.x"),
    getConfig().getDouble("16:1.spawn9.y"), getConfig().getDouble(
    spawn10 = new Location(world, getConfig().getDouble("16:1.spawn10.x"),
    getConfig().getDouble("16:1.spawn10.y"), getConfig().getDouble(
    This error happens when i try to use the world1 variable:

    Line 322:
    I guess we're back at the beginning :(
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    Fedmand My guess is that you are trying to get a world that doesn't actually exist, make sure that the world itself actually exists
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    Anyone know the sulotion?
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