Conditional Permissions (difficult to make?) (awesome?)

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by mrWAF, Sep 5, 2011.

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    I would like a small plugin, that allows players to execute a command when they are standing on a specific block (specific coordinates) or when they are wielding a certain item.
    In other words, I want them to get permission to do something, under certain, configurable conditions.
    This would be a small plugin, which would give server owners a lot of customization; a player has to find the secret 'hidden dragon' temple and find his way to the 'block of transformation' to be able to execute a command which turns him/her into a ninja.

    Perhaps there could be an option to give the player the permission forever- so after standing on the block, he can use the command wherever, whenever he/she wants!

    The plugin could also be used as a reward system- permission rewards for quests!

    I hope someone is willing to make this subtle, but awesome plugin!
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    I Will try making this tomorrow, it sounds great :)
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    wow, that'd be great!
    please contact me, perhaps I can help?
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    Id love something like this too. I was dissapointed when i found out that the quest plugins couldnt reward with permission nodes. Being able to execute the command once or give the permission node permenantly would be awesome. Like for example if i wanted to give an iconomy cash reward to a player for completing a quest i would make it trigger /money give <playername> amount.
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    But as you formulate it, it sounds like you just want to give your players money, instead of giving them permission to execute a command themselves
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    I want it to be able to execute a command, so it is flexible and can trigger an event from any plugin.

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