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Discussion in 'General Help' started by jbreadtoasty, Dec 1, 2017.

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    Very Concerned Player

    1. Will there be a supported Bedrock Edition Server from CraftBukkit anytime soon?

    2. The reason i ask this is because i want to have the awesome server functions of Bukkit especially with the [Better Together Update] where everyone can connect via their smartphones kindles tablets smart tvs etc.

    3. I am willing and patient enough to wait for this and i really hope it can come true, Bukkit we love you please help us on our journey to create a huge community for our players!

    4. The last reason i hope for this to be possible, Is because Pocketmine Has DIED please oh please Bukkit dont let us down! Pocketmine and Nukkit have DIED in their plugin attempts please Bukkit ive never asked for anything in my life, Well except for those fancy Versacci Sunglasses but WE REALLY NEED THIS WE LOVE YOU BUKKIT HELP US PLEASE!

    5. I hope to see something soon bukkit i really do! Especially with all the awesome features Bukkit has to offer and the 1,000's of plugins that Bukkit offers would make such an epic experiance for us who play Bedrock Edition and it will add so much functionality and more fun into the game that all users on any platform can enjoy and not have to be worried about having to look extensivly online just to find a minigames server or an awesome well put together survival games server. Lets get it all in one Bukkit! We all want to see Bukkit take this and over acomplish, You have the capability Bukkit and we want to see more Please Help Us Out!

    Sincerly, JBREADTOASTY
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    We do not know; Bukkit no longer works on updating the craftbukkit jar. Spigot does that.

    Considering there is a large list of changes to the protocols and internal code, even if they did manage to find a way to find some form of compatibily, a large list of features and blocks may be removed due to incompatibilities for either version (Think of PaperSpigot/ViaVersion and the 1.12 update, except that will be for both the Java and BTU versions.)
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