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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by JokerZzZz123, May 26, 2016.

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    Hello, me and my friend are planning to build a large server with different ideas and themes. One idea was to build a city server, where people can by land in a city to build a skyscraper, or office/apartment buildings, and factories in wild land. And I know how to do this, and what I need to do this, but as a bonus feature I was thinking about how a company plugin would be cool.

    I know there are company plugins out there, and I've tested them before, but they seem to be faulty, don't work or are our of date, so I was wondering whether a plugin developer would like to take up the idea.
    This could work by someone starting a business using /business start (Name), and there could be a configurable start cost. A business could make jobs through /business job create/delete/join (name of job) and people could access this through /business jobs join. Instead of having jobs like other jobs plugins, it could be more like the owner offers job, someone accepts it, they do the job in the job description made by the owner, when they finish job they do /business jobs finish, and the owner does /business jobs accept/decline whether they completed the job and get the money.

    Another feature could be implications with chestshop. The Owner could put their business on a chest shop, than the money goes straight to the business' balance, rather than the company's owners. Also, if there was a way to buy/sell shares too. So each company gets 1000 shares, the person who starts the company gets all 1000 shares, 100%. The business owners decides whether they want to start a plc, public limited company, where the business owner offers shares, for example: /business share sell 200 (200 shares, 1/5 of the business), the cost of shares could change depending on the money that the company has in it's balance. But if someone wants to buy the shares, they could buy them and then the owner selling them gets to accept or decline that person. Every month dividends could be paid to the shareholders, so if a company is really successful, people will want shares, to get the profit at the end of the month. Also, at this time companies could be taxed, and that money can go to a government account ran by admins for server.

    So functions of the plugin:
    - Jobs
    - Stockmarket
    - Taxation
    - Chestshop implications
    - Business pay eachother
    - Choosing business structure
    - Dividends/split of profit.
    - Tags e.g. <Entrepreneur> %Name%
    - Many more functions possible,

    I thought it would be a cool idea, I would certainly use it, and I'm sure many others would too.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    @JokerZzZz123 In the second piece you are talking about an owner.
    Is that the company owner or the business owner?
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    Ah sorry, should have made that more clear, the business owners
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    At one point a few years ago I was going to make a plugin like this.
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    I'm making a more in depth and detailed plan of commands and features right now.
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    If you create a thoroughly detailed google doc on the plugin, I will invest my time in developing it.
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