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    The BukkitDev Staff looks through every plugin uploaded to their site to make sure that it does as advertised, and nothing (unwanted) more.
    They invest a lot of time in it to make sure server owners can feel safe about downloading plugins and don't get any nasty surprises.
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    @davewolaxI could do it so only one Plugin can be installed at the same time
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    Yeah, we will get our dev to do the finishing touches!

    Yeah, do that!

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  4. Ok i was just making sure
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    CoderCloud If you strict download access only from and there shouldn't be a problem, I was saying if it gives access to download anything or any plugin from everywhere it could cause serious problems.

    but there is one problem, if the server is running, and lets say you download a new plugin using this program, then how are you going to activate the plugin without server restart? is there anyway?

    Well, I would suggest you to use PlugMan which is a powerful plugin, but you can't load major and big plugins like multiverse or essentials etc unless you restart the server.
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    I know, a restart is ok, i can just use /restart in game or maybe CoderCloud could make it restart after its installed it?
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    Can you make it auto-reload after it has installed a plugin?
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    timtower Administrator Moderator

    You can also make it load itself without a full reload
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    timtower Can you give CoderCloud the code?
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    CoderCloud reload command could sometimes cause major problems.
    previously I had huge issue when I did /reload and everything was messed up! the world guard regions were not working well, plot me was messed up, sky block commands was not working anymore as well as factions, multiverse, a lot of people's inventory were duplicated.. and more!! I did a mistake and I did /reload , then I had to restore server backups.
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    timtower Administrator Moderator

    There is not much code to it and I am pretty sure that CoderCloud is capable of doing so
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    Ok, can you do that CoderCloud ?
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    troycooper5 I already did a plugin that could load and when enabled unload every other Plugin and load it back to memory with modified bytecode with own ClassLoaders, so it could import classes, that changed their name (e.g. import the CraftServer class even tho the compiled version wasn't the one that the server used)

    troycooper5 I managed to download a plugin and load and enable it, and if the downloaded file is not a plugin it will get deleted again.

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  15. What if its compressed or in a folder like essentials? and has multi pal jars
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    Then its almost impossible to find the right file within the zip.
    You would have to install the in another way
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    timtower Administrator Moderator

    Then you get your ftp program out.
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  19. This is kind of of topic.....

    Ya i know I'm just saying it would be great if the plugin knew a way to sort it out? Just a suggestion.

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    "Can you make it auto-reload after it has installed a plugin?"
    "reload command could sometimes cause major problems."
    Since this issue didn't seem to be fixed...
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    timtower Administrator Moderator

    There are ways, out of scope for this.
    ZanderMan9 Besides the custom loading method though.
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    Hm, yes I've seen it done, by uhh... PlugMan or something similar? Since no one had suggested anything else, I figured things were open for suggestions.
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    timtower Administrator Moderator

    CoderCloud said that he would implement such feature into this plugin
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    I suggested about Plugman before in this tread and I told CoderCloud and troycooper5 that they can use PlugMan to load the new plugin, but there would be a problem with major and big plugins such as multiverse, Worldguard, essentials, group managers, etc because they require server restart to load properly.
    CoderCloud could make his plugin to require PlugMan so he could make the code so that when the new plugins is downloaded, PlugMan automatically load it.

    As I said before in this thread:
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    My Plugin will detect if another version of the PLugin is already installed, and if it is it will override the file, and tells you to reload or restart. (Unloading and loading plugins back and forth is always bad)

    If the plugin is not installed it will be loaded automaticly.

    If you have another version already installed the file will get overridden.

    If you have no old version installed, the plugin will search for an empty file in 10 attempts.

    The prefered name is the pluginName without spaces and only numbers and letters.

    If the file is already used the plugin will try the files [prefName]1.jar - [prefName]10.jar, and if no file is avaible it will cancel the download.

    After installing the plugin will be automaticly loaded and enabled, if no old version already exists.

    All errors will be sent to the command user with a notation to look in the console for details.

    What should the command be like?

    I finished my first version:

    Command: /install
    Permission: installer.install


    Installes a plugin form the url.

    Will override the old file if the plugin already exists.

    Will create a new file, that is named after the plugin (will append a number form 1-10 if the file exists)

    If no old version existed the plugin will work imediatly after download

    When an old version existed you will get the notification to reload/restart to apply changes

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    I dont have any bugs that i found up to now
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    Here you go I saw this about an hour ago and decided to make it:

    /pld <URL LINK>

    Takes jar files from links and loads it into your plugins folder
    Sends out warning alerts to tell you a player is making a download with permission pld.dl

    pld.* - Given to everyone who is allowed to download plugins (No Alert is sent out)
    pld.dl - Allows certain players to download plugins (Alert will go out)

    Tell me if you have any bugs that you are experiencing I didn't test this myself cause I'm kind of busy at the moment.

    CoderCloud Oh sorry didn't know I didn't refresh the as I was making my previous post sorry.

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    ShadowWizardMC No prob.
    I could give you my source, because i won't upload it to devBukkit.
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