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    Command lore
    (not power tools please)
    This plugin would allow admins/users to store commands in the lore of items. the point of this plugin would be to allow the user to lose the items and have a limited amount of that item.

    /command lore add [line#] [level]command
    /command lore del [line#]

    i would like for the items to be able to have variables in the commands
    • player hit {ph}
    • player used by {pu}
    • x loaction used {xl}
    • y loaction used {yl}
    • z location used {zl}
    • players in radius of {r[number]} (not sure bout how this works
    The #c would represent that that line is a command (mabye the #c could be changed in the config)

    the level would be the perm level
    * will all perm levels
    ^as an op
    $as console
    @as the player hit (not sure)

    home stick the lore would read
    #c /home
    this would run the /home command as the player

    I would love for it to be as close to this as possible in its own aspect
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