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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by termanator1128, Jan 6, 2015.

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    Hi i what i want is a plugin that when a player/admin types a / command it comes back to people with the correct permission not all ops

    no commands
    perm: cl.log
    Time: soon

    EDIT: forgot to put that it should be in any color [Command Log] (player who typed the command) (command)

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    I do not really understand what you want.
    What do you mean with "comes back to people with the correct permission"? When I type /command it should be send to every player with the permission into his/her chat?
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    @Chucky109 hi you are correct when a player types a command it goes to the players with the permission
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    I like this idea.
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    @termanator1128 The plugin itself isn't hard to make I think. The problem is to say the server "Hey I'm here and I just want to be triggered whenever a command is issued, no matter what command" because you have to specify your commands in the plugin.yml otherwise the plugin won't receive the call :/
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    @Chucky109 i think that there was another plugin that i used to use that didnt get updated that you didnt have to have the command in the config it just used permissions
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    @Chucky109 @termanator1128 Just use PlayerCommandPreprocessEvent, this is run before every command. And I think it triggers for all commands, not just ones in the plugin.yml
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    @TwoPointDuck Oh okay, you recognize I'm new to this whole stuff :D I'll give it a try a post the result here :)


    @termanator1128 Here we go :) DOWNLOAD

    • cl.log - With this permission the player will receive the logmessages sent by SimpleCommandLog
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    @Chucky109 cool thanks ill test it out when i have some more time
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