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Discussion in 'Plugin Help/Development/Requests' started by Sean_amor, Jan 28, 2016.

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    What we want of you
    Item Commands Gui

    Crafting the item (wand)
    You would be allowed to craft this with a defined recipe, also being allowed
    to rename this item and assign custom lore.

    Selecting the command/Executing the command
    You would "Right-Click" the item (wand) revealing a list of icons in your main inventory. Pressing "E" while in this mode would open a full chest inventory gui menu. You then would be able to rearrange the list of icons or place one
    of the many icon into your main inventory. Pressing "Escape" would bring you back to your main inventory, with the icon still in position where you placed it. You choose this icon. This would "Activate" the icon.
    You could then "Right-Click" your item (wand) Replacing your past inventory back to its original slot. The "Icon" You
    Previously chose would remain active in your item (wand)s memory. "Left-Click" would Execute "Cast" the command.

    The Icons/Commands
    Each slot in the gui will allow you to save icons in them. These icons can be defined from a config file. These icons for example could be any item in game. And will hold a given command. That when chosen binds to the users item (wand)

        Name: &7Fireball
        Item-Type: nether_star
        Lore: Rain Fire from the Gods
        Command: cast Fireball
        perm: op #execute as op or hasperm #only executes with permission.
    Each item will allow you to replace its texture, using mods such as Optifine/MCPatcher that use CIT Custom Item Textures.

    You can get a precise reference of this in action with Magic: By Nathan Wolf I dont want a new magic plugin, I just want the ability to change the icons to Custom Item Textures, and his plugin appears to inject hidden data, denying me from using CIT's. It just seems to overide my change. I use NBTEditor to change the item lore/name rather than using an anvil.

    You can see an example of what CIT config file looks like below:

    for further information on CIT refer to the link below:

    I hope this is detailed enough to developers liking. Thank you!
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    @Sean_amor Rule of bukkit: Everything on this forum is a free resoource, unconditionally. Also, there is no way to detect between a press of E and a press of Esc. Finally, the most likely cause of fail for the other plugins you speak of is because we always use the §f color code (which I don't think shows up in NBTEdit) to prefix item names, because if we don't, the item name appears in italics, which looks ugly.
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    As far as the §f color code color code portion goes, mcpatcher has another way to edit color, it would be like \u00A7f this works just like §f. I have changed a texture for many other plugins and it worked, this is why I believe there is some sort of hidden text for each of his spells. Also thank you for the heads up on payment offers. I appreciate it.
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