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    Suggested name: CommandBlock Fixer?

    What I want:
    A plugin that will make command blocks target players in the world the command block is placed and not the whole server. I use multiverse and this seems to be a major fault (or has yet to be added) in the plugin.

    Ideas for commands: None Needed

    Ideas for permissions: None Needed.

    When I'd like it by: When its Ready :p

    I have also found a bug with command block and essentials with the /tp command could there be a fix for that maybe temporarly disable essential tp when a command block is used?

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    mentioning the bug would be quite useful for fixing the bug.
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    Opps, sorry I was in a rush.

    Basically when a Map maker makes a map in the command blocks they type in /tp -343 34 343 using x y z coordinates, sadly when a server using essentials tries to use such a command essentials overrides the /tp command, meaning to tp to a coordinate the command must be /tppos
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    that is already fixed.

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