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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Qaisar101, Dec 22, 2014.

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    Thanks for viewing this post! Before you click away, please read!

    Plugin category:
    Suggested name: iWannaShop
    What I want: I'd like to see a plugin that basically lets you do certain commands to be able to quickly buy or sell. So, for example, '/iWannaBuy 1 4' will give you 4 stone for the configured price! Also, '/iWannaSell 1 4' will sell 4 stone for configured price!
    Ideas for commands: '/iWannaBuy <BLOCK_ID or NAME> <AMOUNT>' - '/iWannaSell <BLOCK_ID or NAME> <AMOUNT>
    Ideas for permissions: iWannaShop.use
    When I'd like it by: As soon as possible. :)

    Thanks for reading! Hope you will make this soon!

    With all due respect,
    Qaisar Sulaiman

    Oh, and please make it very configurable. Make the prices and messages configurable, too!

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    @Qaisar101 Do not call a request simple if you cannot do it yourself.
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    @mrCookieSlime has QuickSell and QuickBuy but idk the link.
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    Links are in my Signature as always.

    You can use my Plugins QuickSell and QuickBuy (Links are in my Signature). However the commands are different but you can use an Alias Plugin like CommandOverride for example. (Link is also in my Signature.)
    Sadly you cannot specify an amount in the Comment though. But in QuickSell you can make it open an empty Inventory where you can put things in.
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    With all due respect, that won't work. I need it command based, and it cannot open an inventory. Sorry.

    I can try to make it work, but it would be difficult. If anyone can find some free time to make the plugin I requested, thank you. If not, I guess @mrCookieSlime 's plugin would do.

    Be a nice Bukkit developer, and please make this plugin! We are the #1 community!

    Wait. If I wanted it to do /iWannaBuy STONE, what would it look like in your CommandOverride plugin config?
    Please help me. I am kinda new to this stuff.

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    Timtower agrees!

    <Edit by Qaisar> SORRRY! :)

    @mrCookieSlime - Please develop this in your free time! :)

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    @Qaisar101 Sorry, I wont develop this one. And you can't make it be /iWannaBuy STONE using CommandOverride. I was just giving an Example for an Alias Plugin you could use to make it be /iWannaBuy instead of /shop
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    @mrCookieSlime - Do you know of a plugin that does this? Does this work with MyCommand? I don't mind if you won't develop this, I just want to find out a solution. Thanks, though! :)
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    This seems to be pretty similiar to what you want:
    And I don't know how mycommand works. I just know that you could make an alias for /shop sell using CommandOverride. You could make it be /iWannaBuy instead of /shop buy for example.
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    @mrCookieSlime - Thanks, let me try it! :)
    EDIT: This is 1.4.7, I'll look for more. Thanks for trying to help, though!
    EDIT: It doesn't even matter if it's iWannaBuy. It just has to do what it's told.
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