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    Plugin category: Mechanics

    Suggested name: HCFSpawn
    What I want: Makes a barrier around spawn ‘SafeZone’ that has PvP set to deny and which the player has no way of harming each other, but when you walk out and begin to PvP you are then combat tagged meaning you cannot be tagged & walk back into SafeZone if you try to a wall will be generated with preferably red stained glass. The red stained glass is not permanent, just temporary glass will be removed when you get away from the SafeZone, when you're not tagged you may walk in and out, please note that the red stained glass only shows for the player(s) in combat.

    Dependencies: [WorldEdit, WorldGuard] Do you can set SafeZone within spawn. Combat Tag: It doesn’t matter, it just has to have a 60 second timer for being combat tagged.
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    MileticPvP Where did you copy this from?
    EDIT by Timtower: removed monetization talk.
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